So is anything that the great Mughal Emperor Akbar rested his feet on still intact? It is and it comes in the form of an antique rug for sale. These rugs are not older rugs. Instead, they’re rugs that were made in post-modern times. The thing is their designs are inspired by designs and artwork that’s found in ancient buildings.

Antique rugs for sale are a real work of art

If you were to buy an antique rug for sale you would be blown away (literally) by the combinations of geometric designs and floral motifs that you would see in them. You would swear that these antique rugs for sale almost seemed to mimic the natural patterns found in nature perfectly. 

However, the charm of antique rugs for sale doesn’t end there. These rugs are real works of art, there is no doubting that one. That said, did you also know that these rugs are made out of the fines and softest materials known to man. That’s why walking on one of these rugs feels like walking on rabbit’s fur!

Antique rugs for sale are also completely natural. This means that you won’t find any materials like satin, rubber, or polyester in them. This is important since some man made fabrics contain chemicals that can leach chemicals that are harmful for human health into the environment.

So you want a companion by your bed?

So what would be the perfect bedside companion? Would it be a puppy or kitten? No, the perfect bedside companion is not living. Instead, it’s a small bedside rug! What exactly can you expect from these rugs? Well, how about the most natural fabrics known to man. Indeed, when you read the product information on the labels of these small bedside rugs you won’t be reading strange man made fabrics that you may or may not have ever heard of.

All small bedside rugs are made out of one or more of these three ingredients: wool, cotton, and silk. These rugs are so well made that they’ll last for years. This is the case even if you decide to machine wash and dry these works of art regularly.

But the goodies that small bedside rugs offer don’t end there. Their real charm lies in their many designs. Most of these rugs have floral motifs and geometric designs. Do you know what they were inspired by? No, they weren’t the artwork on the Basilica in Rome. Give up? They were inspired by the designs, patterns, and artwork that you would find in buildings that were designed and built either during the height of the Mughal Empire or the height of the Ancient Persian Empires.

These rugs are real works of art. If you were to place one of these small bedside rugs in your bedroom and invite guests over immediately afterwards you would be amazed as to how many compliments you would be getting for your rug. You would also find that the rug would make a great conversation starter and a good conversation piece. People would praise you for going to India, Iran, Turkey, or Morocco to buy the rug. 

Old is gold

Well, to finish what the title began to say, “Old is gold and small is good!’ After all, who won in the Biblical story of David and Goliath? The little boy David outsmarted the huge giant Goliath. Small represents intimacy. So do older things because they represent a time when craftsmanship was key. This is especially true of antique rugs for sale and small bedside rugs.