The majority of us own dogs who are our most trusted family members, with whom we feel our emotions and thoughts, etc. Furthermore, Worldwide, dogs are regarded as the most loyal companions, not just to the pet’s owner but also to the entire family as well. Also, it will help to look after your pet’s needs by bathing them using innovative equipment.

Thus, by reading the reviews of Smooth Groomers we’ll determine a site that will sell pet products that pamper pets.


Only a handful of items are listed on this site like Pet Hair Remover and Fur Brush as well as hair Remover Pads. Additionally, the goal of the website is to cut down on the time spent brushing dogs because other brushes require longer.

But, they’ve also stated that their brushes draw dirt from the skin’s coat, thus eliminating the dandruff completely. It also helps keep the skin of your pet comfortable and safe with sophisticated brushes. Let’s now look at some of the most important features on the site.

Stating Some Portal’s Details To Check Is Smooth Groomer Legit?

  • To pay for purchases, a variety of methods are recommended, such as PayPal, ApplePay and VISA and many more.
  • If you want to return items, you’ll be required to contact the company within 30 days.
  • The site’s URL is
  • Following inspection, they’ll reimburse you for the cost on specific days.
  • There’s no information about the address of the store.
  • By signing up for the newsletter You can receive updates from the website’s most recent updates.
  • Only items that have been damaged can be subjected to exchange.
  • The mailing address is [email protected].
  • We’re still looking for the social icons.
  • Pet cleaning products such as pads, brushes and other items are listed.
  • In the Smooth Groomer Reviews pointed out that the delivery time can take 5 to 15 days within Australia.
  • No number is listed on
  • The delivery policy is not available.
  • The website was launched one month and 24 days back, when the date of registration was 22-11-2021.
  • The time to process orders may take up to between 1-4 days.

Perks Seen Over The Site

  • The email address is located.
  • The consumer’s reaction is analyzed.
  • A newsletter option is provided.
  • A concession of up to 50% is available.

What Are Its Pitfalls?

  • The indications that are required for delivery have been missing which is allowing us to display the legitimacy of Smooth Groomer.
  • The trust rating is low, i.e., 5.5/100.
  • No office phone number or address are listed.
  • A mere 1% of the time of trust scores is calculated.

Is Smooth Groomer A Scam?

  • Holder’s InformationThe missing name of the founder is evident.
  • Trust Score –The value is insufficient.
  • Social Connections – On The icons are not there. However, we did discover Facebook’s page in our investigation.
  • Policies Observed-The site contains all the policies, however the delivery policy isn’t provided.
  • Website’s Age is one month and 24 days 22-11-2021.
  • Trust RankA low score (5.5/100) is mentioned.
  • Client’s ViewAccording the the Smooth Groomer reviews On Trustpilot there are no comments there. However, the site offers reviews from customers. We also discovered its Facebook page, which has mixed reviews.
  • Alexa Rank –2195607 Alexa’s rank gets observed.
  • Portal’s Expiration Date – 22-11-2022 is the portal’s suspension date.
  • Duplicity discovered Duplicity discovered The site’s content has been duplicated on different websites.
  • Location’s RealityNo address is listed to determine its authenticity.

Shopper’s Feedback

This section will look at real-life reactions of customers to assess its value. Additionally, we have non-reliable feedback on However, after removing its Facebook page from its external site we’ve seen a variety of mixed reviews on Smooth Groomer reviews. One Facebook user wrote that despite having ordered the product on December 21, 2021, it wasn’t delivered and was therefore requested to know when the item would get delivered.

In the message the user also mentioned it was the the 13th January 2022, despite being the order was placed on December 31, 2021. Additionally, some customers have complained about the delivery and asked concerns.

However, a few users have said that the product is attractive and relaxing. In our opinion we would suggest that you investigate the site thoroughly prior to making use of it.


The article about Smooth Groomer Reviews stated that the site offers pet-related products. Additionally, the website generates suspicious behavior since it’s social icons and contact numbers and office address are not there.