The history of bongs is long and storied. For hundreds of years, they’ve been a popular smoking option. Their combined popularity, on the other hand, has risen dramatically in recent years. Bongs now come with a slew of cutting-edge features that make them far less uncomfortable to use. And it’s for this reason that they’re more popular and necessary than ever before.

Furthermore, many people believe that bongs are the healthiest way to consume herbs in the traditional sense. The water filtering mechanism included into each bong is cited by many smokers as an effective carcinogen-removal method. Others simply like bongs due to their adaptability, efficiency, unrivaled flavor, and historical significance. And by “historical relevance,” we mean its undisputed status as the “Mother of All Smoking Devices” for millennia. What else comes close? Bongs are the original smoker’s go-to, and we have nothing but respect and reverence for them as an online headshop.

What is it about bongs that makes them so appealing?

The water filtering is one of the main reasons why most smokers prefer a bong to a standard glass pipe. You run the risk of inhaling burnt ash or tar when smoking cigars or conventional glass pipes. Simply said, this is a harrowing adventure. Nobody has ever gone through this and said to themselves, “This is nice.”

This isn’t a problem with bongs, thankfully. The ash is caught in the water, which is a good thing. As a result, it stops the waste from moving any farther, specifically into your mouth.

Bongs are also lauded for their capacity to capture more than just ash. Bongs also have a good reputation for capturing and filtering dangerous carcinogens and smoke-borne poisons that a normal pipe inhales. The smoke is additionally cooled before it reaches the mouthpiece thanks to the use of water filtering. As a result, it goes down easier and doesn’t bother our throats or lungs.

When comparing the experience of smoking a bong to that of a regular dry glass pipe, the bong is far smoother, cooler, and more flavorful. Bubblers combine the portability of a hand pipe with the superior filtration of a bong for those who want to smoke from smaller pieces. Because of its ease of use and lower risk of clogging, a bong remains superior.

The Importance of Water Filtration

Furthermore, the water in bongs aids in the filtration of a significant amount of tar. This is essentially why bong water gets a dark brown color over time. To get the best filtration and cooling out of your bong, keep it clean. Smoking through filthy bong water isn’t fun, and it taints the flavor and aroma of even the best herbs and concentrates. Some argue, however, that smoking via a bong absorbs more of the therapeutic components found in common plants than smoking from a pipe. They also claim that because the bong water absorbs many of the components, we will need to smoke more from a bong to attain the same benefits.

In the last few years, bong technology has progressed dramatically. As a result, a plethora of different percolators, glycerin coils, and features are now accessible to improve and maximize our smoking experiences. Smoking from a bong with a basic percolator, for example, will produce extremely large bubbles with a low surface area. You get a lot more surface area when you use a more modern percolator that produces smaller bubbles. As a result, improved filtration and cooler smoke will be experienced.

We recommend that you use an ash collector with your bong for the smoothest hits. This will provide even more filtration and smoother smoke, as well as trapping any ash before it reaches the bong. Finally, this ensures that your bong remains clean and effective, as well as providing stable, ideal performance.

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What Is A Bong And How Do I Use It?

Let’s face it, if you’re a regular online headshop customer or a bong enthusiast, you probably already know how to use one. But don’t worry if you’re new to bongs. We’ve put up a step-by-step tutorial on smoking a bong like a pro.

1. Put some water in your bong

Depending on the type and size of your bong, you will require different amounts of water. Fill the water just above any percolator or downstem your bong may have as a general rule of thumb. Also, when your bong is brand new or clean, fill it up with a lot of water and inhale as hard as you can. Simply spit out the water that has been delivered right into your mouth.

Rep till you don’t have any water in your mouth. And that’s it! You’ve achieved the ideal water level. And the next time you need to fill your bong, you’ll have no trouble remembering it.

2. Prepare the Herbs for Grinding

You can grind with your fingers, but if you want a consistent grind that won’t clog your bowl, use a herb grinder. It is often preferable to ground your herbs as finely as possible. Do not, however, crush them so finely that they resemble dust. It will pass straight through the opening in your bowl piece if you ground them too fine.

3. Fill the bowl with your herbs.

The bowl is the funnel-shaped glass element that sits in the joint of your bong and holds the dry herbs. Fill this piece tightly but not too tightly with your ground herbs. You’ll let air flow through if you pack it too tightly. Packing a little bowl is always a good idea because you can always repack it!

4. Make a spark

Place your mouth over the mouthpiece, holding the bong in your dominant hand. To make an airtight seal, your lips should go into the mouthpiece. Activate your lighter and place the flame on your plants while breathing. While circling the dish with the flame, keep inhaling.

When you’ve inhaled the desired amount of smoke, turn off the light. Pull the bowl from the bong after a few seconds and continue inhaling until the main chamber of the bong is clear.

That’s the end of the story! You now know how to use a bong correctly.


Basically, no matter how many new techniques or technologies are developed, bongs will continue to reign supreme among smoking instruments for a long time. Its history, efficiency, craftsmanship, and flavor retention (among other attributes) have charmed smokers for years, and will continue to do so for many more.

Lastly, as the old saying goes, “a handy tool makes a handy man”. I’d like to recommend a bong brand, Eaglebongs. it’s really amazing!