Are you searching for kitchenware products? This website offers an all-inclusive solution to all your kitchen product and application needs. It is well-respected in the United States and Finland and we are happy to share our Smartver Review.

What’s a Smarter Website?

Smart websites are ecommerce websites that sell kitchen-related products. Each category has many products that will help you build or design the kitchen of your dreams. These products will make your life much easier. You will find everything you need, from plates and cups toaster to cups and plates. You can also find products for women’s health and fitness in the sports section. The website is extremely user-friendly and well designed.

All things being so positive, we were a little skeptical about Is Smartver Legit, which we will be discussing in the second half of this article.

Specification for the website

  • Website –
  • Domain registered at:17.06.2021
  • Domain age: Only 13 days
  • Portal Type: Online Store for Kitchen Related Products
  • Trust Score: This website is brand new and the score is zero %.
  • Social Media Presence: There are no social media accounts found
  • Contact Number Contact No.
  • Address:849 W Harbor Dr. San Diego, CA 921101, United States
  • Email
  • Shipping Policy: Orders Above $50 qualify for free shipping
  • Refund Policy: No refunds
  • Return Policy: Refund policy available only after 30 days from purchase
  • Worldwide Delivery

The Pros and Cons of Buying

These are some of the positive aspects of Smartver Review that will help you:

  • This website is HTTPS Secure
  • It is enabled with SSL Certificate Enabled. However, it is very simple to obtain a free SSL certificate in the current environment, which raises a strong point for your cause.
  • It is very easy to see the Product details and images.
  • Although the products are niche-based, not all of them are included on this website.
  • Secure Payment Gateway is integrated
  • Orders above $50 qualify for free shipping anywhere in the world.
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The Cons of Buying

These are some of the negative aspects that will guide you.

  • The domain is only registered for one year, which makes it difficult to believe Is Smartver Legit or Not.
  • There are no social media accounts.
  • Telephone number The information provided is invalid.
  • These products are taken from other websites.
  • There are no more than 30+ products available.
  • Products are not eligible for refunds.

Is it Legit?

It is important to verify the legitimacy of any online purchase before you make any purchases.

  • This website was created just 13 days ago.
  • Low Trust Score
  • High Spam Score
  • There is no social media existence
  • There is no refund.

This website has not been verified.

Smartver Review : What People Think About the Smartver

Despite the website being very new, we have not found any reviews online. We haven’t seen any feedback from customers on their website. This shows that they don’t care about their business seriously and are only here for a brief time.

We also want you to review our criteria for identifying a fake website. This is something we have done many times before and can confidently say if the website is fake.

In our Smartver Review, we will conclude about it. Our readers are urged to do their research before purchasing anything online. This will ensure that scam sites don’t waste your money. Review this site before you make a purchase.

Final verdict

After doing extensive research, analysis, and a lot of digging, we finally found out that this website was only for fraud.

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We were able to determine the authenticity of this website by looking at certain points, such as domain age, no social presence, copied products and Smartver Review. Based on our review, we concluded that it is a fraud.


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