Each country and place have its own adaptation and variations of the same words and phrases. One such popular phrase used by many casino and poker lovers in Australia is the term “Pokie,” which is an informal short term for poker. But why call it Pokie when the rest of the world knows them as slot games? Let us find out. 

Data says that more than 132,000 Australian adults regularly gambled on poker in 2015, and more people have joined since then to popularize Pokies. Previously Pokie was just a very local term in some parts of Australia. But with the popularization of casinos online Australia and a wider fanbase of these games popularized the term “Pokie.” 

Where did the term Pokie come from?

The term “Pokie” is derived from the “Pok” part of Poker machines. The real origin of the term Pokie is not known, but some historians and Poker lovers of Australia have speculated that this term was coined around the 1900s. This was the same time when Pokie slot games were first introduced in the Australian market. These are the same games that the rest of the world called “video poker machines.” Other than their name, there is no other difference between a Pokie game and a Slot game. 

But since all Australians have a great love for abbreviating words, like relative becomes “rellie,” or a surfer turns into “surfie,” or a mosquito is called “mozzie.” In the same way, poker games in Australia are called Pokies. Even old Australian advertisements and posters called them “Pokies,” but no one knows exactly when this trend started. Previously they even tried to call it the “Poker machine” for some time, but Australians’ love for abbreviations did not let that phrase survive for long. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you still have some impending questions about the Pokies vs. Slots debate? We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic to help you understand better. 

How to play pokies?

You can play Pokies exactly the way you play other slot video poker games. You click on the spin button and wait for your luck to work and win a prize if the luck does work. 

Are slots called pokie only in Australia?

No, that is not entirely true. Slot games are known as Pokies in Australia, but New Zealand residents also call them Pokies. 

How to win on pokies machines?

The biggest winning strategy in a Pokie machine game is to have a lot of good luck and hope for the best results. 

Parting Thoughts

Though Pokie might be a new term for many, all of us have to admit that it is quite a fun and quirky term for the regular poker game.