Slots have been prominent games in the gambling industry since their inception in 1891. Slot machines have undergone a number of modifications as time passed and progress was made in technology. Regardless of the timeline and changes, the standard slot machine serves as a gambling machine that is designed to provide gamblers with a convenient, entertaining, and easy way of making money through a game of chance.

Slot machines are the staple of casinos and can act as the main attraction. Online casinos, and real casinos, both feature a vast number of slot machines, all aimed at providing an entertaining time to gamblers. Slots became popular in the old days due to their easy usage, a feature that still holds to this day.

The machine is meant to be entertaining with its flashy coloring and catchy tunes. Even the sound effects of slot machines are specifically designed to be attractive to gamblers. Perhaps the bigger feature of the slot machine is its playability and simplistic operation. People only need to spin the reels with a touch of a button or pull a lever, the rest is in the hands of luck.

Although players are not required any experience, nor do they need to come up with complex strategies to win at slots. They are required to learn about basic terminologies related to ireland slots, namely the symbols. Everything you need to know about the slot symbols is right here:

What do the Symbols Mean?

Slot machine symbols are the numbers or images that players will find in the display of the machine. These symbols are used by the reels of a slot machine to show the results of each game. Players will find the game depending on how many symbols are matched on the pay line of the slots which are determined using random number generators to run sequences of numbers to spin the reels.

There are different kinds of symbols; most of the time, they depend on the overall theme of the slot machine. Classic slot machines used poker cards or other kinds of playing cards as symbols. Symbols have changed in the modern day with the rise of different slot machine themes.

Types of Symbols in Slot Machines:

Slot machines have various symbols. The three most common types of symbols are the standard reel icons, the scatter, and wild slot symbols. Each symbol plays an important role in determining the player’s winnings and what combination results in a win.

Standard Symbols:

The standard symbols are usually themed after fruits and playing cards. Standard symbol slot machines will give payouts if the symbols are stopped in the right place. Each symbol in this slot machine has its own payout rate, and the more matching symbols players receive, the higher the payout will be. The size of winnings depends upon the size of the bet, the symbols players have won, and the number of the symbols that appear.

Standard slot symbols are theme-based i.e, the symbols are in various forms that are designed to fit the theme of the slot machine. There are a number of designs on slot machines, from underwater themes to fruit themes and alphabets.

Some of the most common slot machine symbols are:

  • Fruit symbols
  • The number 7
  • Bells
  • Bars
  • Diamonds

It should be noted that some slot machines have a low payout. They are usually depicted with card suits or card ranks no matter the theme of the slot machine.

Scatter Symbols:

The Scatter symbol is a player favorite. Slot machines with scatter serve as a key that unlocks a number of various bonus features in the games. Unlike symbols that need to be lined up properly on the pay line to win a game, the scatter symbol triggers a round of free spins, mini-games, higher payouts, or other bonuses.

Scatter symbols are usually presented with special graphics that are unique to the slot machine, and they have the highest paying symbols among other slot symbols. Slot machines with 5 reels are the standard for scatter symbols. Progressive slots are also known for having to scatter symbols.

Wild Symbol:

Wilds have been used in slot machines since the old days of slots. Wild symbols are special since they give players more chances of winning. These symbols are used to substitute for any of the standard slot symbols. For instance, a slot machine with a diamond as its most valuable symbol, and the machine lands four diamonds with a wild one. The wild symbol will serve as a diamond, so instead of having four diamonds players would have actually won five diamonds on the pay line.

The only exception to wilds is the scatter symbol. Although the purpose of wild is to substitute for another standard symbol, they cannot replace scatter symbols, or free spins, among other bonus symbols. Wilds lack any individual value of their own, but with others, it can give high payouts.

Wild symbols also have special effects. They can expand to fill entire reels and expand vertically and horizontally as well. There is no real way to control the appearance of wild symbols as they appear randomly on certain reels, namely the centered ones on a 5-reel slot machine.

There are different types of wilds in slots, namely:

  • Sticky wilds stick in one place over multiple spins and increase the player’s chances of winning
  • Stacked wilds appear on the top position of a single reel and fill it entirely
  • Expanding wilds grow up to fill a whole reel, covering each spot top to bottom and making it wild


Slot machine symbols contribute to the player’s winnings and payouts. Standard reel symbols give payouts depending on the size of bets and other factors. Scatter symbols and wilds are special types that have the highest-paying games. Scatters trigger special bonuses, while wilds along with their different types can substitute for other standard symbols. All symbols act to increase the chances of winning, which is necessary considering slots are a game of luck.