Use a Slider bag to have some fun in the classroom innovatively and affordably.

Teachers strive to make learning exciting for their kids, but often do not have the money to buy the newest technology or video games; instead, many of you are more concerned with buying supplies for the basics in the classroom, including pencils and cleaning materials.

However, teachers are used to being quite inventive, so we believe you’ll like these easy and inexpensive suggestions for classroom (or at-home) entertainment that make use of a Slider bag.

1. A calculator for slider bags

Use the convenient sliding tab and a Sharpie permanent marker to turn a Ziploc Slider bag into a simple calculator. Just jot down some simple arithmetic facts and place them in the bag to help youngsters practice their fundamental math abilities. Teach them how to use the slider bar to add and subtract. For instance, if they choose “2 + 8,” you would instruct them to begin at 2 and move the slider over to 8.

2. Thank-you bags for Thanksgiving

Students are encouraged to consider (and discuss) the good traits of each of their peers as a result of this enjoyable exercise. To each student, print and Print and distribute “I’m glad for you!” note cards and a slider bag to each student Ames and a personal “thank you” letter for each classmate on their bags. This note may be as basic as a list of good qualities, a pleasant memory, or anything the classmate did for which the kid is grateful. The finished note cards are then distributed to peers, and students use their bags to transport them home.

3. Recognizing Letters in Uppercase and Lowercase

Preschoolers and kindergarteners may use this game to quickly practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters. Beginning with two Ziploc slider bags with a zipper at each end, tape the edges of the bags together. After that, draw the letters you want kids to learn in both uppercase (at the top) and lowercase using a Sharpie permanent marker (along the bottom). Call out a letter to start the game, then tell the kids to use the sliding tab to match the uppercase and lowercase letters.

My Little Sprout House  

With this clever concept, you can assist kids in growing their beans using slider bags and moist cotton balls. Print our “My Little Sprout House” printable first (it prints on 8.5″ x 11″ paper and fits quart-sized slider bags). Then let the kids add their names and the day they “planted” their seeds in their dwellings. See how much they develop over a few weeks by keeping an eye on them!

Thoughts for a Birthday in a Bag

Sometimes the finest present of all is a nice word! Use our “Today, we celebrate you!” note cards to have each student write a compliment about the birthday child or boy. Completion remarks should be gathered and placed inside the birthday bag (we used a gallon-sized Ziploc slider bag). Print out our “Happy Birthday” bag topper design, then make it your own by trimming it to suit a gallon-sized slider bag, folding it over the top, and stapling it on both ends. The birthday child or boy should then get the birthday bag as a class presentation; they will enjoy reading all the tiny remarks from their peers.

Snowflake Stomp

This educational game from Roots of Simplicity is a fun, engaging way to learn sight words. It’s the ideal activity for chilly days when kids are cooped up in class and need to warm up. Simply scream out the phrases found on the snowflakes, PP Bags manufacturer, and watch as children trample them as they discover them.