Are you unable to sleep well at night or feel tired even after sleeping? If you are struggling with such issues, why not try to visit the Sleepletics Store? Today we will tell you about the Sleepletics reviews.

Sleepletics is an online store that sells sheets and duvets. These days it is difficult to get enough sleep due to long working hours, stress and anxiety. But with Sleepletics products, this problem will be solved. This store is located in the United States and offers the best sleeping solution, so let’s get started and learn more about this store and its products.

But is Sleepletics legal? Let’s start to know about it.

What is Sleepletics?

Sleepletics is an e-commerce platform that sells score sheets and quilts on it. The site was registered in the US on January 16, 2018. In addition, its main motive is to help people get rid of sleepless nights thanks to high-quality celliant.

What are Celliants or Score Sheets?

The exercise sheets are made using scientific technology that enables a good night’s sleep thanks to infrared energy, which promotes a temporary increase in blood pressure and circulation leading to faster muscle regeneration, better sleep and increased strength. It also helps to lower your body temperature at night for a more comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep.

Moreover, its soft, silky-smooth hotel comfort enhances the quality of your bedding, and also fits in with any interior and decor. At the same time, it is easy to maintain as it has a machine-washable safety feature. Celliant sheets do not wrinkle and shrink even after repeated washing.

Let’s read about the site’s specs, benefits and authenticity in these Sleepletics reviews before ordering.

What are the Sleepletics Specifications?

• Website URL –

• Domain creation date – 16-01-2018

• Official address of the company – not given

• Contact number – do not enter

• Mail Id– [email protected]

• Newsletters – available

• Product Quilts – Performance

• Shipping Costs – $ 20 for international shipping

• Clearance sale – available

• Transport period – exact time is not given

• Return or exchange – within 30 days of receiving the package

• Refund – not specified

• Order tracking feature – available

• Order history – unavailable

• Payment method – American Express, VISA, JCB, DISCOVER, PayPal, MasterCard and Diners club etc.

• Warranty – Indefinite according to Sleepletics Reviews

What are the advantages of buying from Sleepletics?

• The site provides a 30% discount on the purchase of duvets and sheets.

• Provides a 30-day exchange or return feature.

• You can place an order from anywhere as the site has an international shipping feature.

• Sent a well-described product.

• Exists on social media.

• Has three years of experience in this online world.

• Contains helpful customer reviews.

What are the disadvantages of buying from Sleepletics?

• Full contact details are not listed there.

• We found mixed reviews from the internet.

Is Sleepletics legal?

Sleepletics is an online store that offers an innovative product that facilitates a good night’s sleep. More precisely, the site sells original results sheets that ensure the most comfortable rest at night. In addition, the technology-oriented Celliant products from Sleepletics are clinically tested and proven.

In addition, the site has three years of experience in online business and seems completely legal to us. Even so, we are not sure about the quality of the product as we found different customer reviews.

What are the customer Sleepletics reviews?

Performance Sheets have four stars from their customers. Some customers seem to be completely satisfied with the products and have posted positive reviews such as being comfortable and relaxed while expanding the sheets. At the same time, some argued that it lacked quality and was not worth the money.

That’s why we found mixed reviews from its users.

Final verdict

Finally, we come to the conclusion that Sleepletics appears to be a legitimate site as we found good customer reviews and product information on the Internet. On the other hand, we are not entirely sure about the quality of the products as we have seen mixed customer feedback where some buyers seem disappointed with the quality of the sheets.

Therefore, please check everything on your part before ordering. Please leave your feedback in the comments section of these Sleepletics reviews.