The following article is regarding the debate that either sleeping pills UK can change the quality of life if yes then specifically which drug or group of hypnotics have the most promising results. Different impacts that sleeping pills have on the human body in the light of mechanism of actions of the sleeping pills, how they are able to improve sleep and make life better.


There are many ways to classify UK sleeping pills but most commonly the grouping is on the basis of their mechanism of action or the procedure through which they are procured. Following heading will highlight the different ways for grouping hypnotic medications:


This category consists of all those groups that come under the label of controlled substance by the FDA (food and drug association) and they are under the category of controlled drugs because they are sensitive drugs and any manhandling or unjust use can lead to serious consequences. One can only acquire them after one has an authentic prescription form. This category contains all the drugs belonging to the benzodiazepine, non-benzodiazepine, barbiturates and tranquilizers.


This category is also labelled as over the counter sleeping pills and they are labelled so because one can buy them without any prescription and the drugs that are used as an over the counter sleeping pills are primarily manufactured for some other purposes but making drowsy and sleepy is one of their effects so they are used as an over-the-counter option so help with sleep disorders. Most commonly anti-histamines are used as an over-the-counter medicine.


In the beginning powder form or the tablet form was the only option available but with the advancement in the medical and pharmaceutical industries multiple forms have been introduced to facilitate the patients and help them choose the most suited ingestion form. The following forms are there in the drug market:

  • Tablet or pill form
  • Oral drop forms
  • Liquid syrup form to use orally.
  • Injectable liquids

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Manufacturers make medicines with the aim to improve the health of an individual by either addressing the sign and symptoms or by treating the underlying cause. The medicines are ideally made to improve the quality of life by ensuring a healthy body.  Prescription sleeping pills and OTC sleeping pills can have a very good impact on one’s health if one ensures a justified use. Sleeping pills can have the following impact on the body:

  • It helps the individual have a peaceful, un-interrupted sleep which is mandatory for the sanity of the mind and normal functioning of the body. Sleeping pills lowers the brain electrical activity level and induces sedation and sleep.
  • Anxiolytic: it also lowers the anxiousness and panicking. All this is possible by the enhancement of the inhibitory neurotransmitters in the brain.
  • Anti-convulsant: it reduces any tremors and involuntary body movements thus, allowing the body to calm down and have a sound sleep.
  • Amnesic: it also fades away the memory which helps in lowering the stress if associated with any bad or traumatic memory for example losing a dear one.
  • Muscle-relaxant: it also reduces the tenderness of the muscles that are tense due to any disease or stress and helps the individual’s body to relax.

It is important to note that sleeping pills should only be used for short time periods and minimum effective dose should be considered. One should closely monitor for any potential side effects to ensure prompt reaction to seize the damage. 


Patients can buy sleeping pills from the drug stores that are either located at the hospitals or in any shopping complex and individuals can also buy sleeping pills UK online from the multiple online websites that have emerged in the recent years. It is important to know the authenticity of the websites to avoid any bogus or fraud purchase. Door step deliveries are offered within a day with a helping desk that is affiliated with that online site to facilitate the consumers. Online platforms also offer different sale offers with reduced prices to facilitate the clients. One can also purchase over the counter sleeping pills UK from these sites. 


The take home message should be that, be it any medicine, one can only reap maximum benefits when one ensures a justified consumption. Proper consultation that includes proper history taking and all lab findings that strongly support that a certain drug’s benefits outweigh the risks associated, only then pharmacological intervention should be the option. Healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are the key to maintain a healthy mind and body.