From Apprentice to Star: Abbi’s Passion and Mesmerizing Performances Earn Her a Permanent Artist Position at Ajkun Ballet Theatre. Witness Her Unforgettable Premiere as the Crystal Fountain Fairy in “Sleeping Beauty” on August 12 and 13 in New York City. Abbi’s Commitment to Excellence Never Sleeps.

A lot of people have a love for dancing in their younger days but eventually, the demanding nature of ballet sees many youngsters move on to other interests. But Abbi Johnson is someone who lives passionately through her love for ballet. Her hard work, dedication, and hours of practice from early childhood to her teens have led her to achieve great heights. She will now be performing as the Crystal Fountain Fairy in Ajkun Ballet Theater’s production of the legendary classical ballet, Sleeping Beauty. Chasing her childhood passions and gliding on stage through her teens, Abbi does have an inspiring story that goes from a fairytale to becoming a real fairy on stage.

At 21 years of age, Abbi is already an award-winning performer ready to take on the challenges that come with being on stage, says. She will make her first appearance as a soloist on the New York City stage in Sleeping Beauty this summer, building on the solid foundation she set throughout her growing-up years. Since childhood, Abbi has attended daily ballet school alongside a rigorous academic education, performing in youth ballet companies and taking part in youth competitive opportunities throughout the UK and Europe. London’s reputed Central School of Ballet and the United Kingdom’s National Youth Ballet are where Abbi was able to learn technique and performance from some of the world’s leading teachers.

Abbi arrived in New York at 16 to train at the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School, founded by world-renowned dancer/choreographer, Robert Joffrey. After graduating last year, she secured a coveted apprenticeship with Ajkun Ballet Theatre in Manhattan. For the past year, Abbi has boosted her confidence on stage by performing in some of the most challenging ballets. Her debut performance in Don Quixote was performed over a week-long series. Other roles include appearances in Petipa’s Sleeping Beauty, lead for the audience-favorite Flowers scene in The Nutcracker in December 2022, and this May she appeared in Chiara Ajkun’s original production of Dracula in New York City.

Abbi’s passion and her thrilling performances have led to her promotion from apprentice to the permanent artist with the Ajkun Ballet Theatre. She steps up first to tackle the role of Crystal Fountain Fairy in “Sleeping Beauty” on August 12 and 13 in New York City. Like a true performer, Abbi won’t be resting. Once the summer season ends, she takes to the stage again. She will be seen in the autumn season with Ajkun in New York City, featuring in a new run of “Dracula” in October and the seasonal classic, Nutcracker during November and December.