Once the rainy season is over, summer is finally here! The season arrives when you can enjoy the sea and mountains to the fullest. However, UV rays, the enemy of your skin, reach their peak during July to August. In addition, summer is the season of the year with the highest temperature and humidity. I am also concerned that sweating may cause sticky skin. On the other hand, the air indoors may become dry due to air conditioning such as cooling and drying.This time, we’ll talk in detail about common summer skin problems and introduce quality silk bedding products that are perfect for care.

Why does my skin change in the summer?

Spring was stable, but as summer approached, my skin changed …… didn’t it?

Each season, our body senses a different change and begins to adjust accordingly. Dilating the skin’s blood vessels to cool down the heat and promote sweating, trying to thicken the skin’s stratum corneum, minimizing the damage of UV rays, the intense UV rays of summer make the body of dry and sensitive skin react more sensitive than we think and try to adapt to the environment.

What are the skin problems in summer?

Don’t worry about sticky, dry and stinging skin in summer. What are the summer-specific skin problems?

A1. Sunburn caused by UV rays

The reason for tanning and darkening is that the skin’s immune system reacts to UV rays and produces melanin. This effect is also said to cause hyperpigmentation such as blemishes and freckles. In addition, sunburns are the same as burns. Severe inflammation can lead to blisters and peeling. It is best not to get a sunburn, but when you do, proper care is important.

A2. Dry skin caused by air conditioning

The humidity is high, so why does it dry out even if I sweat? You may be thinking this. There are three reasons for dry skin in summer: the skin’s barrier function is weakened by UV rays, I am in a dry or air-conditioned room, and I wash my body too much when I take a shower … Healthy skin can retain a lot of water in the stratum corneum, but UV-damaged skin has difficulty evaporating. In addition, the stress on the skin caused by the difference in temperature between inside and outside is one of the reasons why the skin loses its barrier function.

A3. Acne and itching due to sweat

You sweat a lot in summer. In fact, when sweat is secreted, sebum is also secreted, and it is said that sebum clogs pores, which leads to acne. In addition to water, sweat is also composed of sodium chloride and urea. If not wiped off, these may irritate the skin and cause itching.

A4. Insect bites and rashes due to wearing light clothing and exposed skin

Short-sleeved, sleeveless shirts, shorts and other clothes to spend a cool summer are inevitably exposed. Since there are few areas to protect, insect bites and rashes caused by grass will inevitably increase.

What are the recommended care and measures?

I want to prevent skin problems as much as possible and if they happen, I want to get them back as soon as possible. Here we will tell you the recommended care and measures and introduce the recommended items for silk families.

A1. Sunburn

The item that prevents sunburn is sunscreen. It is said that reapplying sunscreen frequently is more important than having a high SPF. Don’t forget to apply it when you sweat or need to reapply makeup. Also, make good use of items such as sunshades, hats and arm sleeves. For spots and freckles that have formed, use special whitening serums for intensive care. Daytime care is also recommended to use a primer with whitening effect.

What do SPF and PA mean?

Do you know the meaning of SPF and PA, which are often mentioned on sunscreens? SPF is a number that indicates the effectiveness of protection against UV rays that cause blemishes and freckles, and the higher the number, the higher the rate of protection. It is said that it takes about 15 to 20 minutes after a person is exposed to UV rays before he or she gets a sunburn. For example, SPF 30 means that the time from exposure to UV rays to the start of sunburn can be delayed by a factor of 30. In other words, it can be delayed by 20 minutes x SPF30 = 600 minutes 10 hours. It is recommended to use about 35 within 1 hour of going out, and 50 or more for more than 1 hour. In addition, PA is a number that indicates the effect of UV rays that cause wrinkles and sagging. There are 4 levels shown, and the more +, the higher the effect. This UV light decreases steadily throughout the year, so please take good care of it even in winter.

Now, I would like to introduce four recommended for silk products.

Did you know that silk also has a protective effect on the skin? The new THXSilk silk pillowcases, 100% pure silk bed sheets and silk blankets will protect your skin. For those who want to get a beauty sleep, we also recommend , which contains a large amount of silk gel.

A2. Dryness

For dry skin in summer, add plus alpha special treatment before applying lotion. There are many types of oils and serums, but choose the one that suits your skin and enhances the moisturizing effect. Now, I would like to introduce two silk home products recommended for drying.

A3. Acne

Even if you are worried about sebum in your pores, don’t push it out with your fingers! It can cause inflammation and the friction may thicken the dead skin cells, making it harder to expel the sebum. Add a mask and exfoliator once or twice a week as a special treatment, depending on the condition of your skin. You don’t want to wear lotion in the summer! Some may say this, but in reality, it is said to promote sebum production and create shine. You can prevent your pores from opening up by increasing the moisture content of your skin. After treating with plenty of lotion, apply a thin layer of lotion or oil and cover.

A4. Roughness and stiffness of the skin

Roughness and stiffness of the skin are said to be caused by hyperkeratosis. This is because the skin thickens the stratum corneum to protect against damage caused by UV rays and external irritants. We recommend using a hot towel and steamer before washing your face. It has the effect of warming and softening the skin and firmly opening the pores. It is also recommended to use makeup remover oil on rough areas such as the nose and under the chin. After washing your face, use a lotion or emulsion for keratin treatment to retain moisture.

Skin problems increase in the summer. There is more than one cause of trouble, such as sweat and air conditioning and UV rays. However, skin with such problems is in a very volatile state. Please choose the right care products for your symptoms and treat it gently and politely.