Gulmarg is a world-famous skiing destination. In this hill station situated in the beautiful Kashmir valley, time freezes in awe when winter arrives. Scores of skiers, rush to this place to enjoy the best of snow skiing in Gulmarg. Are you someone who has never tried skiing, or someone who has skied in other parts of the world, it is time to experience the most exciting skiing of your life in Gulmarg. Skiing in Gulmarg is an addiction, not once in a lifetime tour or activity. You will be finding yourself tempted every winter to come back to Gulmarg for skiing such is the charm of skiing here.

What makes skiing in Gulmarg fantastic is the quality of the snow. The snow quality is hands down the finest across the globe. This gives the skiers a thrill to ski here. The powder snow here is very much famous and the quality of virgin ski slopes is heaven for back-country skiers.

  • Skiing In Gulmarg Best Season and time

Since skiing is a winter activity, so one has to wait for winter to arrive. In Kashmir, the winter months start in December and end in March. So the best time to ski is any time between December and march. However, if you want to save yourself from the harshest cold, then better choose either march start or December end. In January and February, you will have a much abundance of snow and the temperature goes below zero degrees Celsius. 

  • Where to Stay in Gulmarg for skiing

In Gulmarg, there are many hotels which you can choose for your stay option. Gulmarg has five-star hotels and one of the famous five-star hotels is Khyber Hotel. The place has also four stars and three-star hotels along with basic stay options. You can choose online any hotel of your choice and book the rooms. There is another way to choose your stay which will be more affordable. This is where you book your skiing in Gulmarg through a ski company. The ski company will give you the complete ski package which will have the stay also along with food and ski equipment. At Cliffhangers India you will get a variety of stay options with the best ski instructors for your skiing in Gulmarg. 

  • How to reach Gulmarg

Gulmarg is a very prominent place in Kashmir, so most visited one. Luckily the place isn’t that far from Srinagar airport. Once you land at Srinagar’s only airport, the drive to Gulmarg hill station is just 2.5 hours. This is a beautiful ride that is picturesque. You can hire a cab from the airport or there are many shared cabs you will get from Srinagar itself. 

  • Do we need to book Gondola for skiing

The gondola takes you to the higher reaches of Gulmarg ski slopes. On the lower slopes, you d will be learning the basic ski. However, if you are a seasoned skier or backcountry skier, you will have to book a gondola which will take you to the higher reaches of Gulmarg from where you can ski down. Gondola has to be booked in advance via the online portal of the Jammu and Kashmir cable car corporation. 

  • Can we do skiing courses in Gulmarg?

Yes, you can do skiing courses here in Gulmarg. Cliffhangers India offers the best ski courses. From basic to intermediate to advanced, they have the best ski instructors and ski equipment. It is licensed by the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department for skiing in Gulmarg. 

  • Is it safe to ski in Gulmarg?

It is completely safe to ski here. Gulmarg ski resort has the best technical teams that monitor the weather and any avalanche on daily basis. Proper safety protocols are set and adhered to. However, you are advised to book your ski course or tour only with a registered ski company. You will have to check if you are booking your ski in Gulmarg and whether the company is authorized to conduct skiing in Gulmarg. You will have to ask the company to furnish its ski license.