Street food is not only the savouries we often have for taste, but it is a new way of experiencing the relationship between society and food. We cannot count them according to fashion as they go in a different path.

The people of all ages love to grab them in their conventional style along with the fusion of contemporary touch. It does not mean that street food is borrowed from any other country.

It has its root, which is reinvented according to the taste generate in the society and new generation adhere to its specifications, consider it and represent it before the world society. There is no doubt that in today’s world everything goes viral, even street food.

Travel and tourism industry is almost depending on the food available in the locals of a country. You must be seeing many YouTube vlogs where travellers explore the street food of their destination.

This can be attained from a local street vendor, or hawker roaming or standing at the roadside or any other public places. Their circulated food court in the form of portable food booth, cart or truck and serve immediate consumption.

Here in this food blog, we will see the different type of street food available in the streets of UK’s heart and find the financial solution to meet the immediate requirement of street food for it lovers.

Cultural and financial facets

Due to social and cultural differences and some point of social stratification and backwardness, street food is an initiative to merge all these differences at the same place, eating same food while sitting on some chairs and tables.

In some regions, people organize food fairs and festivals, where they can enjoy the aroma and taste of different cultural food. Though, it requires the mouth of dragon to gulp every single bite.

Glancing at the different mouth-watering street foods in London

Barbeque Dreamz-

It represents the culture of Philippine on the streets of London and spells the carnival of sophisticated and contrasts. It contains fragrant pork belly loaded with sesame green bean salad, chicharron and pickled cucumber. This stuff is then wrapped in buns. It gives the great way to learn about the lovely people there.

Jake’s Vegan steaks-

It carries shredded BBQ seitan or wheat protein, smoky caramelized pieced onions, roasted peppers and sweet mustard, and adds extra squeeze melted cheese on the top. It lures the mushroom addicts as it also consists of béarnaise sauce.

Burger Boy-

Burger boy is an exception in the world of burgers. A single soft brioche bun carries juicy candy bacon, nuggets drenched in cheese, lettuce and garnishing red onions. Burger Boy has a varied range of chipotle mayonnaise.

 Savage Salads-

One should not underestimate it for its healthy properties. Savage salads usually deliver lunch boxes that make your water mouth, as it fills with hearty ingredients. It carries roasted beetroots, pea shoots and sunflower seeds. You cannot compare it with any other supermarket salad bar.

Bian Dang-

Taiwan based street food. It consists of Taiwanese buns stuffed with delicious pork, chicken or oyster mushrooms. The combination of all these elements is perfectly worked together. The lunch boxes contain this food is fragrant from the different aspects.

No doubt, some might spend extra pounds to taste this beast.

Eat Chay-

Vietnam based street food. Here Chay means ‘Vegetarian’. It contains seitan, walnut, lemongrass Soya, sriracha Mayo, seaweed crunch and Mushroom and several other ingredients.

Here you will find plant-based noodle salad, steamed bao buns filled with Korean fried tofu, and kimchi.

Meet the health and protection

However, the safety of street food has been challenged by the expeditions and travelling events and emerges as the biggest concern for public health.

The quality of street food decreases with its demand which is now increasing day by day. People enjoy street food often for pleasure, not when they feel hunger. This deprives the right hunger to consume pure and clean street dishes.

The government is taking actions and endeavouring to initiate possible measures that must be abided by the vendors to keep their food quality as to provide healthy and safe food to all.

Along with the government, many food scientists are also working in this direction to raise public awareness. And the studies state that contamination seen at street food vending vehicles is comparatively high to that of the restaurant.

Even the Food and Agriculture Organization of UN and other legal organizations now realize that street vendors had been reckless in applying the security methods of preparing and delivering safe and fortifies food to the customers.

 Importance of Finance allowance

Since almost every individual loves to eat street food and whenever he wants to share it with his loved ones and relatives, he often thinks of the costs it retains, but there is no way to get in the trouble as loan opportunity is there for him.

If you suddenly receive a call from your relatives they are about to visit you, and you do not have a meal to serve them, you can ask for the loan which is reachable within a time gap of 15 minutes in the UK.

However, this loan also helpful to meet the emergent requirement in every situation and known for its faithful assistance. Therefore, emergency money for unemployed in the UK can be attained under this loan provision.


Far from the savoury cult and feeding the eatery suites, street food is also served the social gesture of haring the bread. It allows people living on streets or in poor conditions, to have food at a reasonable cost. Most street vendors do not provide clean and safe food.  And this can be controlled by applying charges and lying down specific contamination prevention measures.


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