Are you ready to break the style meter for beach outfits? While women’s beach shorts are a staple outfit, how to sizzle in them and get a 10/10 from the fashion police is not an easy task. 

Beach shorts can be the perfect outfit for both a casual day at the beach or a date night by the sea – if styled properly. Beach shorts aren’t just for boys and if you were to take out word for it, women can actually rock beach shorts much better than men and the good news is, it is not even that hard! 

How you style your beach shorts for a date night, to surf the waves or for just a casual day by the shores will be drastically different. How you style your outfit reflects your style statement, mood and also says a lot about you. Your beach outfit can literally speak before you do, so make sure you style your beach shorts the right way! 

Today, we bring to you a quick 5 step checklist on styling women’s beach shorts right from the X files of the fashion police! Spoiler alert – the style guide is super easy, fun and quirky. 

So are you ready to sizzle in your beach shorts? If yes, carry on!

Quick Style Guide on How to Sizzle in Beach Shorts

  1. The right size and fabric of the beach shorts 
  2. Solid colored beach shorts 
  3. Kimonos & BoHos
  4. Spaghetti strapped, long shirt 
  5. The right accessories for a beach shorts’ outfit 

Creating the perfect beach look with shorts can be as easy as 3,2,1 if you just follow some of our quick style tips. So without further ado, let us jump right into the 5 quick ways you can sizzle in your favorite beach shorts and also get the most out of a beach day without looking unkempt!

The right size and fabric of the beach shorts 

This may seem like common sense, but we have seen many classic beach looks of women just because they could not pick the ‘’right size’’ or fitting of their beach shorts. 

The golden rule here is to MEASURE YOUR WAIST. Many women tend to opt for the same sized shorts as their jeans – that is however, completely wrong. Jeans generally come up large and stretch over time. In addition to your waist size, focus on the thigh size which basically reflects how well the shorts fit you. 

If you are in between sizes, we would recommend that you choose the size on the upper side. While it is important to have the right fitting, you should pick whatever you feel most comfortable in.  

For comfort, we would also like to emphasize on the fabric of your beach shorts. It’s usually not easy to come by women’s beach shorts with high quality fabric – nylon fabric, fast drying and durable beach shorts are easier to style and also don’t give you the soggy look once we step out of the waters.

Remember comfort is the style which never goes out of fashion – so pick the right size and fabric of your shorts if you really want to sizzle in them! 

2. Solid Colored Beach Shorts 

While doing research and collecting evidence of the hottest beach shorts styles, patterned beach shorts was certainly not one of them. Although not a bad option for a casual day, solid colored beach shorts look hotter. 

  1. Navy blue beach shorts: Pair this up with a matching upper (preferably your swimwear bra) for a sizzling look 
  2. A patterned bra: Beach shorts have the ultimate look with a patterned swimwear bra 
  3. Pastel beach shorts: White beach shorts pair up nicely with any upper that you may want to wear and also give you a slightly semi-formal look!

Solid colored beach shorts when paired up with the right upper can help you look your best on the beach day! 

3. Kimonos & BoHos 

This one is definitely a favorite in terms of the best beach outfit – not only does it feel super comfortable, it gives the perfect look! Contrary to popular opinion, BoHos are not just to pull off a hippie look – you can style your beach shorts with Kimonos and BoHos to spice things up. 

  1. White net kimono: You can pair up your beach shorts with a white net kimono for a beach party, beach date or even a casual lay under the sun beach day. 
  2. BoHo: Patterned BoHos are really hip and look super cool with beach shorts – you can add the right accessories and bra under your BoHo for an enticing look. 
  3. Pastel or floral patterned kimono: Pastel kimonos of satin, net or any other appropriate fabric make the beach shorts look super attractive and add a layer of spice to your outfit!

4. Spaghetti Strapped Long Shirt 

While you can definitely style your beach shorts in a sexier way with maybe a bra or bikini top – the spaghetti strapped long shirt is what you need for a formal beach night. 

Satin or silk spaghetti strapped or off shoulder long shirts paired up with beach shorts look cool and makes you look as ready as ever for your date night. Darker and brighter colored tops in this look would do the trick!

5. The Right Accessories!

No one can contest the importance of the right accessories even for other outfits – let alone your beach outfits with shorts!

Beach shorts leave ample space for you to accessorize and add glamor to the beach look! 

  1. Sunnies: Not only do they shield you from the sun but also look hot
  2. Strapped sandals: Comfortable strappy shoes look amazing with shorts!
  3. Long Necklaces: Long necklaces and beach shorts are just made for each other!

Top these off with a super cool beach hat and voila – your sizzling outfit with beach outfits is ready!