Software packages offer many advantages to a business, but software packages are not a one size fits all solution to a business’ needs. That is why many companies are turning to customized software development services. There are six types of customized software development: Company Facing/Customer Facing Web Portals, Content Management Systems (CSM), Customer Relation Management (CRM) System, Ecommerce/Online Store, Membership Sites, and Paperless Office. Each of those customized software development types will be discussed in detail here.

Company Facing/Customer Facing Web Portals

These are web portals that allow certain individuals to send and receive information via at specific web address or portal. When a business has a web portal customized for Company Facing, only employees are allowed to access the website for information sharing. For example, this would include share drives that contain important policies and procedures, payroll programs and benefits programs. A Customer Facing portal allows customers to access the web portal to send or retrieve data. An example of a customer facing portal could be patient access portals where customers can schedule medical appointments, request refills or look at their medical history online. These portals can also be hybrid portals allowing access to both the company and the consumer where certain sections are accessible only to certain groups.

Custom software development is a method to gain a competitive edge in the market by offering an improved level of functionality with a Team International.

Content Management System (CMS)

Content management is the dissemination of information via blogs, social media posts, newsletters, videos, white papers, special reports and press releases. A CMS software program can help a company manage their media output and track responses to that output via the number of viewers, comments left by viewers, and traffic that is generated on the site based on the content shared.

Customer Relation Management (CRM) System

A CRM System tracks all customers, potential customers (prospects), any vendors your company works with, referrals made to your company, referrals your company makes to other businesses, and anything related to customer relations. This system can track the number of complaints and complements that your business receives from customer feedback helping you improve your overall operations.

Ecommerce/Online Store

More people are turning to online shopping, so the demand for ecommerce/online store software is growing. A number of companies are switching to a stronger online presence in lieu of a brick-and-mortar store, so they need a strong ecommerce software package designed for their businesses. The more complex the business, the greater the need to a custom software package to meet the business needs; however, even more simple business can benefit from a customize package. Customized software can be developed specifically for the company’s needs, or a pre-existing online store program can be modified to meet the business needs.

Membership Sites

A lot of consumers like the benefits membership sites for savings and exclusive deals. If your business offers a member’s reward program, a customized membership site software program can help you keep track of members, how much they are utilizing the membership, overall cost/benefit analysis for the business, and help manage flow of information to and from members for the service. This also helps members learn what your business has to offer in a convenient space that gives the consumer the time to review it at his or her own pace.

Paperless Office

As the world focuses more on the environment and how to reduce our carbon footprint, businesses are switching to paperless offices. A customized software package can help a business make the switch by digitizing invoices/billing statements, payroll, potential employee applications, correspondence, and any items your business needs to run smoothly. A customized software program can help reduce errors in documents by having automatic checks and balances programmed in to identify and correct errors. Additionally, a paperless office requires less space which will reduce overhead for the business.

Customized software development services can be used to meet the needs of any business. By collaborating directly with the companies, developers can build innovative programs from the ground up or modify existing programs to meet customer needs. Customized programs give business more freedom to choose what software features they wish to utilize, and these programs are more cost efficient since businesses are only paying for what they need and will use. It breaks the “one size fits all” assumption and allows businesses to stay on the forefront when it comes to customer support.