With its flourishing economy, excellent standard of living, and opulent entertainment scene, it’s no surprise that Qatar is becoming a more attractive expat destination. 

The demand for properties for sale in Qatar has been on the rise due to this. If you still need more convincing, consider the following six reasons to relocate to Qatar.

You are not required to pay any income tax.

The absence of income tax is one of the most significant advantages of living in Qatar. This means that when you work in the country, you will keep whatever you earn. Furthermore, because there is no VAT or sales tax, you will receive even more value for money when shopping. Designer apparel and accessories are the lone exception, as they are subject to substantial import duties.

You have the option to live a life of luxury.

The opulent lifestyle is, without a doubt, a major lure for many expats considering relocating to Qatar. You can truly enjoy the high life in this opulent country, with an unlimited choice of luxurious hotel bars and restaurants to visit, stunning beaches to relax on, and interesting things to attempt. If you enjoy shopping, there are various shopping malls within walking distance, as well as a plethora of trendy pubs and restaurants.

You have access to excellent healthcare 

Qatar boasts one of the top 5 healthcare systems in the world which expats are eligible for. Better still, all employers in Qatar are legally required to provide healthcare for their employees, so you should be covered from day one. Expats can either access state healthcare services at a subsidized rate by purchasing the HMC health card or buy private health insurance. This enables them to access excellent private healthcare facilities and cover any costs not met through public healthcare. 

It’s one of the safest places on the planet to live.

As an expat, Qatar is a very safe location to live, and you can feel safe walking around at any time of day or night. In fact, significant crimes in Qatar are 98.3 percent lower than the global average, according to international rankings. Security is in place in most properties for rent in qatar and there are numerous guards in public locations. In Qatar, the repercussions of crime are also severe, which acts as a deterrent. The main exception is on the highways, which can be dangerous due to severe sandstorms, roving camels, and extreme summer heat, which makes breaking down a serious health threat.

It’s a fantastic environment to raise a family.

Aside from the several foreign schools available to expat children in Qatar, the country is a wonderful environment to raise a family. Most expats are headquartered in Doha, and if you have a family, Al Waab, Madinat Khalifa, West Bay, and Abu Hamour are all popular locations to live in. Qatar also offers a diverse choice of activities for children, including theme parks, museums, cultural sites, and more.


Expats go to Qatar in search of new chances and advancement in their careers, and Qatar never disappoints. The Gulf country is known for its high earnings and plentiful job options, which is one of the reasons we adore it. Only a few of the venues where we can enjoy art and culture in Qatar are Souq Waqif, Katara Cultural Village, and the Museum of Islamic Art. 

Art and culture are always emphasised in Qatar, whether it is to acquire a taste of the country’s customs and legacy or to learn about other countries. You may not realise it, but Qatar boasts a stunning scenery of mangroves, caves, and rugged sandstone formations. Take some time to explore Qatar’s natural beauties, and you will not be disappointed.

Malls are quite important in our lives. While Qatar already has an amazing mall repertoire, new shopping malls are springing up all throughout the country, providing a plethora of possibilities. Not many countries can brag about owning an award-winning structure (the Burj Qatar), but Qatar certainly can. 

Not only that, but the country’s architecture is stunning. Qatar Airways, being the airline’s hub, is continually giving excellent deals and promotions for travel all around the world! Qatar has something for everyone: fine dining, outdoor activities, shopping… The list goes on and on. Everything may be found here, and you will almost surely be able to discover exactly what you’re looking for.