Your house is a place where you should feel comfortable and relaxed. A clean and well-maintained house can make you feel good, but a dirty house will want you to get out as soon as you get inside. 

I like to keep my house organized and clean or else, it constantly makes me feel edgy. The cleanliness includes vacuuming every room, washing my bathroom every day, and making sure that my kitchen stays hygienic. Let me share some tips with you so that you know how to effortlessly keep your house clean:

Vacuum Regularly

Dust can accumulate very quickly on everything from your carpet to the sofa to the book rack. Dusty carpets or rugs can actually cause allergies, and that can be dangerous for some people, especially people who have asthma. In order to make sure that your carpets and sofas are not spreading any diseases, vacuum and mop at the same time and that too, regularly.

It is not only the floor and furniture that collects the dust but our ceilings as well. One day your ceiling will look fine but the next it will have a huge ugly web on it. These webs are created because of dust. The best way to keep them from forming is by wiping the ceilings/walls with a wet cloth every once in a while.

Keep the Rodents Out of Your Kitchen 

You cook and eat in your kitchen, which is why it is paramount that it stays hygienic. If your kitchen is dirty, the germs will get to you through the food, and that can be unhealthy. The floors of your kitchen should be scrubbed clean with a disinfectant.

A common issue many house owners face is the onslaught of rodents, especially in the kitchen. Mice bring diseases with them, and it can be really annoying to track them. The best solution for this nuisance is to put up mouse baits so they can do the work. 

Empty Your Dustbin 

If I see a well-organized room with a dustbin full of trash, it immediately destroys the impression of the house. Dustbins filled with trash up to the brim can be very unsightly and attract all kinds of insects and bugs. 

Empty your dustbins every day and clean them with hot water and soap/detergent. It is not only the trash inside the bin that can be unhygienic. The dustbin itself can get dirty if it is not cleaned every week.

Air Vents And Ducts Should Be Clean

The air vents and ducts do so much of the work that they can get dirty very quickly. Most of the time, we forget that the air vents also need maintenance.

Keeping your air vents and ducts free of all the dirt and waste is essential if you want proper ventilation. The AC unit in your home cannot work correctly if it is not cleaned every season, and it will also bring in the dust every time it is turned on. 

When you clean the air filters and channels, it diminishes dirt and prevents a number of health diseases. There are several pollutants from outside that can enter your house through dirty air vents.

Keep Bathroom in Check 

One of my biggest pet peeves is a dirty bathroom. The washroom is probably the one place that demands the most attention. From the walls to the floor, a bathroom can get stinky and dirty in the matter of a few minutes if it is left unchecked.

The walls, bathtub, and floor of a bathroom should be washed after you take a shower. The floor must be dried at once or anyone who enters it will have wet nothing but wet feet. Open the windows or turn on the exhaust, so the humidity doesn’t create dark spots on the ceiling and walls.

Get an Air Purifier

Lastly, an air purifier is a must in any house. Controlling air pollution outside your house is not possible. However, you can surely do that inside your house. Keep your indoor air clean by using an air purifier. A quality air purifier will keep the air quality in your house good. It will also remove the harmful pollutants that are present inside your house. It is a good option for people who have any kind of allergy that gets triggered by the smallest amount of dust.

With these tips, we hope that you will be able to keep your house clean and hygienic!