We all know how important it is to stay active but with busy lives and a lack of time, it can be hard to stay motivated. Finding a form of exercise you enjoy is key to a sustainable fitness routine, so don’t be afraid to try new things. If you are tired of the gym routine and want to mix up your exercise regime, why not try some of these fun ways to be more physically active?


Dance is a popular form of exercise for all ages, from twirling like a ballet dancer as a preschooler, dancing in a club in your twenties, or spinning around a ballroom in a graceful waltz in your golden years. There are so many different types of dances that there’s bound to be something you enjoy, whether that’s a sexy salsa, a funky locking and popping routine, or a toe-tinkling tap dance. If you want something less formal, putting on your favorite tunes and dancing around the kitchen works just as well and can make the daily chores way more fun. Give it a try!


Great for working your core muscles, paddleboarding is a fun activity that guarantees a whole lot of laughs. A cross between surfing and rowing, you will get a full-body workout that tones you up as you build your balancing skills and develop coordination. Prepare to get wet!


Perfect that swing with the aid of a pitching machine! You can never have enough baseballs in your life, so stock up and start having fun practicing. Baseball is an activity that is great for families, and you can’t use the kids as an excuse to drop out. Channel your inner baseball star and you’ll be moving every muscle group. Baseball is a great way to add more activity to your lifestyle.

Circus Skills

With everything from hula hooping to aerial hoop and trapeze to silks, why not hone your circus skills and get fit at the same time? Surprisingly tricky (but a great party trick), you’ll work muscles you didn’t know you had as you learn new and fun ways to move your body. Many large towns and cities run circus skill fitness classes, or you can get your own weighted hoop and shimmy and shake in the comfort of your own home. You’ll notice your waist becomes trimmer in just a matter of weeks. 


If you happily recall long summer days on your bicycle when you look back at your childhood, you’re not alone. Many people loved the freedom cycling offered as a child and there’s no reason why you can’t also have this as an adult. If it’s been a while and pedaling daunts you, consider going to a bike store for advice. With road bikes, mountain bikes, and electric bikes, finding the right cycle to meet your needs should be simple. Get on your bike, but don’t forget your helmet!

Go Back to Your Childhood

Playing with your children or grandchildren is a surefire way to bring a smile to your face and chasing around after them will help get your heart rate up too. Old schoolyard games like skipping and hopscotch never get tired and fun races such as balancing bean bags on your head can be brilliant fun for all the family to get involved with. You’re never too old to play!

However you decide to work more physical activity into your life, finding the fun in exercise will keep you happier and healthier. Be brave and step outside of your comfort zone and into your new active lifestyle. You will feel so much better as a result.