Well, there are many ways for hair removal. Some choose to wax while others prefer threading or getting a laser treatment done.

Waxing is something you can do alone at home but if you are not sure, you can take help from a professional at a salon. Nowadays you get professional services at home as well and you can also save money using Urban Company coupon codes. Waxing is really simple, and economical. You can flaunt your smooth skin without getting any razor burns or nicks post a waxing session, simply keep these tips in mind the next time you want to try waxing at home.

We all know how painful waxing is! But do you know we can get rid of this painful experience? Maybe not completely but even a little less pain is better, isn’t it?

Here, I have some really easy and cool tricks to have painless waxing. Hah, You can thank me later!

  1. Hair Length – Big Deal!

Did you realise longer hair causes more pain than usual? Before waxing, make sure the length of your hair is not too long but also not too short. It needs to be just the right level. If your hair is longer, trim it; if it is shorter, let it grow. Too-long hair may take longer to wax and of course more painful while waxing too-short hair may rip off your skin. Ooof!

  1. Never Use a Product Without Testing

Testing is really important to  understand what product suits your skin type. You can try testing on the inside of your arms first. Stop right away if you feel any irritation or burning sensation there. Don’t use the product. It simply doesn’t suit you. Use cool compression for relief and in case it still doesn’t stop, please consult a doctor.

  1. Some Don’ts You Need to Take Care Of 

Don’t wax immediately after being in sun exposure, sunbathing, or tanning. Ensure that the skin is free of any chemical products such as deodorants. This could result in skin irritation, bruising, or even peeling. Oh, remember: no hot water showers too!

  1. Waxing In Parts

Divide the parts of your skin into small sections, and wax one section at a time. This helps in making waxing feel less painful and mess-free. Wax dries quickly, hence applying wax all at once on the entire part may just result in a disaster. As it will make pulling the strips difficult and extremely painful.

  1. Avoid Waxing the Same Spot Repeatedly

Our skin is very delicate, hence even after waxing if you still find some hair, refrain from waxing the part again. Try using tweezers instead. Putting wax on the same area repeatedly will cause more pain and might irritate the skin as well.

  1. For Novices

Hey beginners! No need to worry, if you are choosing to wax, sticking to the advice above is a must. At first, the pain seems to be more intense but you can use rose water, aloe vera, or cold compression to soothe the skin; these remedies might help to ease the pain.

With these handy tips, it will be easy for you to say goodbye to your razors! Good Luck!