Keeping AirPods in place sounds easy but it is not that simple, trust me!

When we talk about earbuds, a lot of things play roles. People using earbuds complain of falling out the most. Fitting is a major issue for joggers, athletes, and people who travel a lot. Imagine what if you bought such expensive EarPods and you lost one. Also, it is irritating to push earbuds again and again. It seems a constant struggle and we feel you. 

If you own an AirPod, you must keep it safe. For that, you can get cute AirPods cases available on the market. We would recommend you to get them online for no-hassle shopping.

Don’t worry this is a small issue that requires simple solutions. Do you want to improve your earbud fit? Do you want to stop your earbuds from falling? How can you do it? There are many such questions that we will answer you today, let us begin now.

The reason why AirPods fall out?

Apple never leaves any square when it comes to style and comfort. Their perennial creation is a snug fit is something to boast about. It is why many people are a fan of AirPods. 

Despite that AirPods fall off. Let us know why?

Reasons are:

  1. Wrong fitting
  2. Incorrect silicone tips
  3. Physical hit

Wrong fitting:

The primary reason why AirPods fall is the incorrect size and fit. However, AirPods are known as the best-fitted earbuds on the market as Apple claims that these pods provide 90% of consumers great fit.

But what about the 10% of people struggling out there? It might seem that it is just 10% but the reality is that this is a big number. Each person has a unique ear shape and size. Many experts say that it is unique to fingerprints. So, one size fits all is an incorrect term.

Incorrect Silicone Tips:

Apple should be credited for recognizing this issue and providing a simple solution. Apple created the technology with standard Airpods with plastic, nonreplaceable tips. The AirPods Pro offers silicone tips and everyone is happy with this thought.

To a certain degree, silicone tips solve this issue of falling out of ears. It comes in three different sizes that cater to 100% of ears worldwide.

However, to some, it is slippery and accumulates dirt. Some users didn’t like the idea of silicone tips as they slip out easily.

Physical Hit:

External forces are yet another example of how AirPods fall. If anyone hit you by any means, it is obvious that earbuds come off easily. Even if you wear clothes putting on earbuds or tangling hairs dislodge AirPods.

Do not take off your face mask it may hit AirPods. Little attention can save you money. 

How to keep your AirPods from falling out?

When AirPods fall off, it’s annoying. There are a few solutions that may save you from this issue. Simple habit changes of buying random things are not a good idea. Instead, go for thoughtful shopping.

  1. Don’t forget to wear it right
  2. Wear AirPods upside down
  3. Switch to memory foam tips
  4. Apply waterproof tape
  5. Using third party accessories

Make sure you wear it right: 

Wearing AirPods and AirPods Pro correctly is the concern. Both differ a lot. AirPods are the same as Apple’s wired earphones while AirPods Pro offers silicone tips that fit perfectly in the ears. This slight difference makes a lot of sense. IEMS stands for in-ear monitoring systems.

How to wear AirPods properly?

Wipe speakers with a damp cloth: Always keep your Airpods clean via a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime. It makes it fix nicely. 

You need to align the AirPods vertically with your face before pressing the AirPod gently. Even though it is a difficult job, if it is done correctly, it will solve the problem.

Rotate and check the best fit: By rotating AirPods you reach the lock point easily.  Peoples also searching for Wpc 2027 and Wpit18

How to wear AirPods Pro properly?

Flip the silicone tip and check the size: Before you buy an AirPod check the silicone tip size. If you buy an incorrect tip size, no tips are useful.

Align the vent: You will hear a click when the sizing letter and the black vent are aligned.

Press, rotate and tuck: Press rotate the wedge motion and fit it properly in the ear.

Run a fit test: Once you wear an AirPod, connect them to your iPhone. Go to settings> Bluetooth. Click on the best ear tip fittest.

Wear AirPods Upside Down:

This is one way to wear your AirPods nicely. If you have tried all the tricks and still nothing worked for you. This is something worth a try.

Wearing wired earphones upside down by joggers is a common trick. You can do this in earbuds too.

Switch to Memory Foam Tips:

AirPods do create issues for some users. So, why don’t you try some other tips? Try memory foam that may provide a sealed fit.

Many users have switched to memory foam and are happy with the product. You can give it a try too.

Change Memory Foam:

  • Remove silicone tip
  • Pick the right memory tip
  • Squeeze and push it down
  • Squeeze and plug earbuds
  • Apply waterproof tape: 

It resists water from getting inside the AirPods. It is how you do it:

  • Punch out some tape
  • Place tape above the sensor dot and fix it

Use Third-Party Accessories: 

Just leave all this and pick a third-party accessory simple! It is less expensive, and you will not regret it if it does the job well. Many companies offer great gadgets at a reasonable price and abundant features. 
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