With COVID 19 cases being reported everywhere; there are instances where you may find yourself in a lockdown. In some instances, the fitness centers that you normally go-to for exercise may be temporarily closed. This means that if you are going to stay at home for extended periods, you will be physically inactive, and this poses a serious challenge to be physically active.

A low amount of physical activity hurts your health and physical wellness. By self-isolating, the amount of stress and mental health issues that you suffer are immense. This is why staying active is invaluable when you are on a lockdown.

According to the World Health Organization, 150 minutes of moderate to high-intensity exercises are recommended every week, and you can still achieve this at home even with limited space and when you have no special equipment. 

Here are simple tips to help you stay active during the lockdown.

Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself, and choose action over inaction. Commit yourself that you are going to avoid boredom. You should know that you may not have the luxury of varied equipment or even classes that you would get at the gym. So use the web to search for new practical workouts and also for the right information to ensure that you are exercising the right way. Look out for pictures and use them to guide you for technique and form.

Get a partner to exercise with

Exercising alone is tedious and you are more likely to be looking for excuses when you exercise alone than when you have someone to do it with. The first place to look out for an exercise buddy is your home, but if there is no one, you can find one from around your neighborhoods.

Seat realistic goals

Exercising to stay active all the time is never an easy thing. Set goals that you can achieve. In simple terms, your goal should be something that you cannot do right away, but which falls within your reach. With each goal that you achieve, reward yourself with something memorable, such as buying yourself a new magazine, a new pair of sneakers, and order natural tea.

Create a proper plan for your workouts

After you have set realistic goals that will help you remain active, what follows is a plan that can help you move towards those goals. Create a plan one month in advance and stick to your plan. However, there are instances where something will come up, and if this happens, you should reschedule immediately.

Track down your progress

Many people find it challenging to track the progress that they make concerning their exercises. One way to deal with this challenge is by making sure that you have a journal that you can use to track down what you have done. If you have a bad day, you can also write it down, after a week, study your exercise journal and know how you can improve on it.

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