On every bad day there’s always lipstick! Through night and day, all we need to stay throughout with us is the lipstick shade we choose to wear. The right color of lipstick can break or make your look and getting this look is totally easy if applied the right way. As make-up lovers, we all have been guilty of over-hoarding lip shades because a girl can never have enough lippies! Nothing can beat the confidence a woman carries while wearing a lipstick shade. However, there’s one question constantly at the back of our minds which is how to remove lipstick, especially long-wearing and transfer-proof lipstick

There’s no doubt transfer-proof and long-wearing matte lipsticks stay locked for hours and don’t budge even if you share a kiss with Bae! The only problem is what we are supposed to do if one wants to remove the lipstick after wearing it for the entire day but it doesn’t come off! No matter how hard you try, the damn thing doesn’t get budged and now you are all clueless! But don’t worry; we have got these pout-friendly tips to get off the stubborn lipstick. 

The Best Way to Remove Stubborn Lipstick

Petroleum Jelly to Clean and Moisturize 

Petroleum Jelly works great for lipsticks that help to remove even the darkest shades. All you have to do is take some product on tip of your finger and swipe on the pout. This versatile product does not only moisturize the skin but can also clean the lipstick without making the lips chapped or flaky. Once you apply the lip color, simply leave it for a few minutes and then wipe it off using a soft towel or tissue. Later, wash the lips with clean water for deep cleaning.

Oil for on-the-go Cleaning  

Another alternative that can be used as an efficient lip color remover is oil. Lightweight oil such as coconut or almond oil can be used as a make-up cleanser that will wipe away every trace of lipstick. These oils are not just meant for the hair but can equally be used for a lot of beauty purposes. Take a few drops of oil on the fingertip and apply them manually. Or if you have got any cotton pad then soak it in the oil and rub it on the lips to remove the color easily and efficiently. 

Use Liquid Make-up Remover 

The next best thing to get rid of tough lipstick stains off the lips is the liquid make-up remover. The best make-up remover always makes cleaning the face easier and doesn’t leave behind any trace of make-up on the face. Give your lips the experience of chemical-free make-up remover that is formulated for both normal and sensitive skin and effectively removes waterproof make-up including lipstick. Dip a cotton pad in the remover and start from the center of the lips by rubbing the pad to slid off the color. 

Go for the moisturizing Cold Cream 

When you have nothing else by your side but you want that rigid lip color to get off your lips, your cold cream comes to the rescue for hassle-free make-up removal. If you ever ask your mother what was their go-to make-up product, they would readily agree to carry cold cream everywhere. It removes the dirt from the face as well as the long-lasting make-up just like matte lip crayon. It feels lightweight and gentle on the lips and at the same time, smoothly wipes off the lip color. This cream is being recognized as a great moisturizer, also secretly can even be used as your trustworthy make-up remover. 

You can consider either of the following make-up removal alternatives to lift away even the most stubborn lipstick.