If you are looking for a holiday in the UK take a look at these Lake District staycation deals.

Travel-sized toiletries 

People heading out on holiday often fret needlessly over which toiletries they should take, but there is no need to bring these along as it takes up valuable space. If you will be travelling light, with only hand luggage, the maximum size per liquid container is only 100mls. Which is more than enough for a short stay.   

Most stores will sell properly sized travel toiletries including shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, toothpaste, etc. You are sure to find what you need in convenient travel size bottles.  

If you will be heading into a tropical destination, don’t forget the importance of mosquito repellent. But above all never worry too much about toiletries as your destination is sure to have suitable options when you arrive. 

The only thing that you should be concerned with are special products like soap-free shampoos and anything you need for skin conditions. These could be harder to find in a remote location.  

Electronics and travel adapters 

You don’t want to be weighted down with too many electronic gadgets and an extensive assortment of travel adaptors needed for each location. We personally recommend getting a single universal adapter that can work for all your gadgets and the wall outlets you will find in your various travel destinations.  

Keep all your electronics to a minimum anyway. If you are traveling light, bring an e-reader this way you will have access to what you need, like guidebooks for your travels.  

A single USB charger is typically all you will need to keep your electronic gadgets charged. A small inexpensive tablet or lightweight laptop is a good choice and a small digital camera is perfect for taking great snapshots of all your adventures.  

Clothes for travelling 

Whether you are packing for cold weather or hot weather, layering is the best idea. Some of Mediterranean locations can be hot in the day, but temperatures can drop considerably at night, especially if you will be staying by a coast.  

Choose lighter knitwear and cotton layering as a lightweight option for all kinds of destinations. Scarves add a considerable amount of warmth and style to your dress code without taking up too much space in your travel bag. 

And don’t forget that you may be walking over all sorts of terrain on your adventures. This could be sandy beaches, rugged hills and mountains and even through streams and hills. With this in mind, some rugged waterproof boots or sandals is a good idea. Of course, you won’t want to forget your swimsuit as you are sure to find some pleasant places to take a dip.  

Travel accessories and holiday extras 

These items should always be kept to a minimum This way you will not be weighed down when you are trying to move around the airport. But there are some items that will be more important and you will certainly want to have on your holiday with you.  

You will need sunglasses as you will find the sun can be especially bright on beaches and in certain locations and elevations.  That’s true even when you will be heading to a cold place. Don’t forget a sunhat as well as some travel sized lip-balm.  

Essential travel items 

Did you know there are campervan parks at the Lake District? Which means you can drive to your destination while also having all your travel essentials, clothing, and toiletries handy without worrying about storage. If you’re travelling via campervan, don’t forget to take out campervan insurance and keep this information handy should you require it. In addition to your essential travel documents, you will want to make sure that you are bringing proper medication for any pertinent health conditions and enough of it to last you the full duration of your holiday. This is especially true if you will be heading out on a long cruise.  

It may also be a good idea to bring along a special stash of snacks, especially if you have any important dietary requirements. Take a first aid kit and always make sure you have plenty of sunscreen.  

Make sure you will be carrying plenty of payment methods so you never have to do without. Be sure to have your debit card, credit card and travelers’ cheques along with whatever cash you decide to have on hand.