Simply said, the Simple Author Box plugin is one of the most used tools on a blog or content creation website. The main logic behind this tool is that it allows you to add a customizable and responsive author box anywhere on your site. With this box, you can easily show credit guest authors, show author descriptions, and much more.

What is a Simple Author Box?

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If you’re running a blog, this Simple Author Box is a must-have for you.

Sometimes, there will be lots of guest posts on your website, so it’s pretty important to give credit to the authors. Well, this plugin has got you covered; plus, your website will look more professional.

Also, you’ll help authors build a proper portfolio, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Some of the best features you get with this plugin are:

  • Easy addition of guest authors and assigning them to their guest post.
  • Assign posts to multiple authors.
  • Fully customize any author box you want (colors, typography, avatar, info, description, etc.)
  • Easily manage how every author box link will behave (making them open in a new tab).
  • Advanced customization with the usage of HTML code.
  • Change all attributes of visible elements such as the background, position and margins, the border color, border width, padding, etc. And if you’re still not satisfied, you can easily add your custom CSS.
  • If there’s a need to showcase some of the most popular authors, you can achieve that with pre-built options.
  • Showing top authors (available only with the PRO version) is a great thing you can use to showcase some of the most popular authors along with their work highlighted.

This plugin is one of the best you can possibly use. Besides the simple yet powerful options this plugin offers, the installation, and usage itself are also pretty easy. You just go to WP Admin, Plugins, Add New, and then Upload Plugin. After the upload and installation of Simple Author Box, you go to Appearances and choose this plugin. And that’s it!

You can use this plugin for free and enjoy some of the features it offers. However, if you want to experience the full package of all available options and features (color schemes, guest authors, co-authors, popular author widget, Gutenberg block, premium email support, post type support, and much more), then you should buy one of PRO versions it offers. There’s a Personal plan (priced at $39/year), a Team plan (priced at $69/year), and an Agency plan (priced at $99, and it’s a one-time payment).


Having a dynamic blog or content creation website can sometimes be hard to maintain. However, this plugin is unlike any other when it comes to the level of usage and simplicity. If your website has multiple authors and guest posts, this plugin is just the right choice for you.