Following the premiere of the film “The Tinder Swindler,” the trend is all over the OTT enthusiasts and they’re researching the life of the con-man from the show Simon Leviev. There are many searches for Simon Leviev Wife. There are fans from Canada as well as Canada, the United Kingdom, as well as the United States asking this question across Google and other social media websites. The tale of Simon Leviev unfolds as he was a con-man who cheated women that he’s met on the internet, and has taken the money.

the Story of Simon Leviev

The documentary “The Tinder Swindler’ revealed Simon who’s actual identity is Shimon Hayut as a conman, who scammed ladies on Tinder and stolen many thousands of dollars off them. Simon presented himself as a billionaire to girls on Tinder and then enticed them and then took the money. The same thing happened to Polina whom he calls Simon Leviev Ex Wife. She is a Russian model and actress. There isn’t much information available about her, however one thing is for certain is that she did fall for Simon via Tinder and ended up breaking up with Simon.

People began to inquire about the lady in the real world. The girlfriend rumored to be Simon Leviev has now been exposed. It is interesting to note that since the film’s release, Leviev has deleted all his social accounts on social media. There are no doubt that this has raised some concerns but the girl’s identity has been now revealed.

What do you think is Simon Leviev Wife ?

The most likely lover of Simon Leviev is Kate Conlin. A Israeli fashion model Kate Konlin, had seen Simon Leviev on Tinder. She also disclosed during an interview Simon reached out to her via Instagram. She also revealed that Simon was the one who had revealed all about his past shady activities to Konlin and that they began dating only after they had discovered the truth about one another.

She said she believed that Simon didn’t hide any of his secrets from her, and she embraced Simon after having all the facts. There is also a report that Simon convinced Kate Konlin to marry him with extravagant gifts. Like many of the women he enticed by using Tinder, Simon Leviev Wife is also a victim of her desires and other things. In his show as well, Simon lives happily with his girlfriend at the conclusion of the story. Simon is depicted as a man who is free in Israel who lives happily with a female.

A sequel to “The Tinder Swindler’

There is a report there are reports Simon as well as Konlin have split up following the film’s release. It is also believed to be the reason for Simon having deleted the account on his Instagram account, in which he had included Kate Konlin in certain posts.


Since the premiere of the newest Netflix documentary, ‘The Tinder Swindler’, Simon Leviev has been a favorite of viewers across the world. There was a lot of discussion about his personal life, where he is now and more. Now that Simon Leviev Wife and his wife’snow out there are reports that everyone is following the story with equal enthusiasm. It is understood that Simon has enticed Kate with lavish gifts and presented his wealth as a billionaire businessman.