Have you heard about the Tinder scammer who is now well-known in the media and headlines? You can be aware of it by reading the infographic below.

We can see that the man attempted to appear to be another person and manipulate people to gain wealth that which he didn’t have. The story is well-known across Switzerlandand Germany.

Simon Leviev assists in determining that the man been a cheater to women with million of dollars. Based on the circumstances and incidents, Netflix has developed a show about the subject.

What’s the story about?

The story is about a guy who’s a fraudster and has enticed women on the wealth the man does not possess.

He was arrested in the year 2019 in connection with the scam. in the case of the scam the scam, he said that he was entitled to select any name he wants to use for himself. In addition, we can see that the real title that is used by Tinder Swindler can be Shimon Hayut.

Simon Leviev It is helpful to know that he didn’t take money from girls. Also, they were awed by his presence. In the year 2019, he was sentenced to jail to 15 months. Now, he’s granted bail and has been being a resident of Israel.

It is also believed that he possess an Israeli girlfriend. In addition, based on his social media and followers we can see that he’s publically seen with approximately 120000 followers on his account.

Additionally it is worth mentioning that the Netflix documentary will help you learn more about the individual in greater detail and even that he’s returning to the platform.

Important points regarding Simon Leviev Heute:

  • When we look up the information available online, we can see numerous investigations conducted about the man as well. He is also well-known for the frauds he’s conducted.
  • He has claimed to claim to be the son of LLD diamonds to many women and has enticed women to his wealth, however according to his claims it isn’t the case that he has influenced anyone or obtained anything from them.
  • Furthermore, we can see reports that he’s currently in a relationship with an Israeli model. Additionally, he has been returning to the dating site and many are concerned about whether he’s a victim to scams or cheating.

Views of individuals on Simon Leviev today:

Looking through the information available online, we find that the documentary about the tinder swindler been viewed as a huge success and the swindler is now getting back in the headlines. Many are interested in learning more about him.

Additionally, there are a number of opinions on Twitter concerning his new romance and whether he’s lured the Israeli model to show off his extravagant wealth or not.

Its bottom line is:

We can conclude that, after his detention, the man is back and is now actively engaged in social media as well as dating sites.