Do you want to buy an Electronic drum kit, but not sure what to choose for your next performance? In this article, we have conducted all the important information about the Simmons SD350 drum kit. So, you can easily be sure about your purchase. Read till the end, and you will find the answer to your question in this article.

Simmons SD350 Review:

The Simmons brand has been widely known since 1978. After its establishment, it has never stopped producing first-class electronic drum kits. Simmons SD350 is one of the most popular and flagship products of Simmons company. This is why the expectations from this electronic drum kit are always high.

Simmons SD350 is a 5-piece drum kit. Along with its mesh head, it is a full-size drum kit. You can use it for both rehearsals and performance purposes. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Simmons SD350 so that you can understand everything more clearly.

Pros of Simmons SD350:

  • It is affordable as compared to the other high-end drum sets.
  • This drum kit has a durable and sturdy steel rack.
  • It provides the best acoustic response.
  • Simmons SD350 provides its users a very easy and simple to use a controller.
  • It gives 179 customizable sounds.
  • The build and construction of this drum kit are very strong and durable.
  • It has a mesh pad for genuine feel and sound suppression.
  • For Apple users, it provides App support.
  • You can easily record through USB/MIDI.
  • Simmons SD350 gives multiple kits and sounds to select from.

Cons of Simmons SD350:

  • Android users can’t use the app.
  • According to people who used this, some of the pads lose sound after a couple of months.

Inside The Box:

You will get the following things inside the box:

  • It has mesh heads within the box.
  • Control interface.
  • Hi-Hat controller.
  • Kick Pedder and a kick controller.
  • 10-inch pads.

Key Features Of Simmons SD350:

  • It is a 5-piece compact drum set with mesh heads for a snare.
  • It has 3 durable toms and 10-inch pads for hi-hat, ride and crash cymbals.
  • The controller along with the kick pedal that is combined with the kick trigger produces 179 sounds.
  • This full-size 5-piece electronic drum kit with mesh head is an ideal and convenient setting for rehearsal, practice, and recording. The elastic mesh head provides better performance than other drum sets at the same level.

Easy To Use:

With its convenient navigation and preset multi-pole routing, it is very suitable for beginners or full set drum kit users with limited budgets. In addition, the free, downloadable Simmons Basic iOS app provides powerful learning tools and audio editing features that you never found in this price range.

The first-class Simmons Basic iOS app makes your interaction with the new toolkit easy and fun, from selecting and editing tool kits you can get interesting learning and interaction with other features.

High-End Sound Of Simmon SD350 Drum Kit:

Simmons SD350 provides higher-than-expected drum sounds at a lower price. This is a full-size, five-piece electronic drum kit that is perfect and convenient for practice, recording, and rehearsals.

The elastic mesh head provides more detailed performance than any other drum set in its class. The sound module has 10 drum kits, 179 user sounds, and 10 songs. The 8-inch mesh head raises the real drum feel, and the quick-installation design makes it easy to install and remove.

Ending Notes: If you want to buy a Simmon SD350 drum set, the above information is surely beneficial for you. Hopefully, the purchase of this classy drum set would not regret you and give you an excellent sound at an affordable price.