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Is Southwest Air Fans’ Facebook ticket giveaway a fraud or legitimate? The United States article will tell you if this promotion is genuine or fraudulent.

Rapidly, the Southwest Facebook scam page circulates on social media. The scammers claim that Southwest is celebrating its 69th year by offering 2 roundtrip tickets to all customers. Now the question is, is this true?

Was it a Scam?

This scam spread quickly on Facebook between May 21st and 22nd, 2022. A post on social media claims that Southwest Airlines is offering two round-trip tickets to anyone who comments Done by Sunday at 5pm. It was reported that Southwest Airlines was offering free tickets to its fans (Tickets titled Southwest Air Fans- 69th and 86th Anniversaries). This is false.

This scam has many victims. The official Facebook page of Southwest Airlines posted a scam alert regarding the reality behind the giveaway of free tickets for the 69th anniversary and 86th. Southwest Air Fans scamseems to not be legit and requires verification.

About Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines was established as an airline on June 18, 1971. It began with three Boeing 737-800 aircraft that served 3 Texas cities: San Antonio, Houston, Dallas. In 1989, it grew into a major airline. Southwest Airlines’ main goal is to provide the best customer service.

Southwest Airlines has been ranked as the safest airline in the world and is among the top 15 international airlines. Its low-cost pricing made it a success.

Additional Information about Southwest Air Fans Fraud

Southwest Airlines Fans offered free tickets to Southwest Airlines’ 69th Anniversary or 86th Anniversary. It also promised $750 in cash app transfers to customers once they registered on the website of the scammer. It is not known what happened after this stage.

These scams often include seemingly endless surveys, as evidenced by history. We are vulnerable to being defrauded if we give our personal information to third parties. We advise that you avoid providing any personal information to any survey.

How can you avoid being scammed?

These Southwest Air Fans scam scams are a warning sign that you should be aware of them. These scams can be prevented by being aware of any calls or emails from the company to verify that they are legitimate. Without confirming the details of the company, don’t share your credit card or ID numbers. To verify its legitimacy, you can also check online reviews about the company. You can also download spam blocking apps for your phone. Be wary of scammers and don’t follow spam pages.


It is clear from the Southwest Air Fans scampost that it is false. This scammer offered to steal people’s money. We advise you to be cautious with these types of scams.