Silverfish are silent intruders who work their way into our homes and items of personal use looking for food and other materials that are protein rich, starch or sugar. They particularly love cereals like wheat flour, oats. They also regularly infest on wall paper and book bindings where there is glue or paste, Other materials they can damage are clothing, rugs, curtains, artworks or anything containing natural fibers like silk, cotton, wool rayon and of course paper. Once you spot one, rest assured there will be more. Controlling them would be a task as they are discrete. Reaching out to professional Pest Control Service in Ballarat experts would permanently solve the problem.

Habits and Features

The adult silverfish is around 1cm; spindle or carrot shaped having long tail filaments. The commonest house pests have smooth shiny silver colored scales. They thrive inside homes and can go without food for many months. So they are tough survivors and not easy to eradicate unless Pest Control Werribee service providers are hired who have the latest techniques and skill to hunt them down and apply treatment for complete removal. . They may also be found in bookcases, around closet shelves, behind skirting boards and window and door frames. Silverfish are often brought into new homes in cardboard cartons, books and papers from infested sites.

By habit silverfish are nocturnal and rarely spotted during the day. They can be found inside shelves of closets, bookcases, behind window and door frames. They inhabit and grow in cool dark spaces like basements, bathrooms. They love moist places and might be present in huge numbers in new buildings with damp masonry or in bathroom sinks and bathtubs.

Damage they cause

Silverfish are not to be taken lightly and serious attention should be given so that infestations are stopped from spreading. They cause a lot of damage to wool carpets or those with blended fabrics having natural fibers, behind and beneath household furniture and also when your floor carpets reach inside closets. Regular vacuuming is a good practice. Silver fish also make tiny holes in woolen clothing and blankets or fur jackets. They can also infest pianos. They remain hidden in cracks and crevices and continue destruction. So for homeowners, calling Pest Control Service in Reservoir will ensure that your home is protected from these silent invaders who do a lot of harm.

Silverfish feces or skin molts may cause severe allergic symptoms like itching, mucus buildup and cough in sensitive individuals. Those allergic to dust mites are usually also allergic to silverfish specifically their molted exoskeleton which when added with other air borne allergens can increase severity.

So how do you control Silverfish?

As the old adage prevention is better than cure, homeowners should and can take care to avoid silverfish infestation by following a few tips-

Maintain cleanliness: If you keep a clean home automatically you would be reducing chances of infestation of pests. As you clean your home routinely it also allows you to observe pest presence by spotting skin molts, droppings. Dusting regularly so is necessary and also vacuuming frequently that can not only suck in the dust, debris but also silverfish eggs if any.

Using airtight jars and containers: Keep all cereals and grains in airtight containers and jars. Ensure there are no food spills around kitchens or storage spaces and cabinets.

Protect Pianos: Hang mothballs or cloth bags or camphor bags inside piano and replace them periodically as they vaporize over time.

Get rid of food sources: Silverfish feed on inorganic and organic matter. So to keep them at bay remove external food sources like leaves, wood piles, and dead plants. Keep your external yards clean and shrubs well trimmed and remove moisture laden debris. Internally it is better to de clutter ad remove paper piles and cardboard boxes since silverfish love glue and starch.

Store woolen clothing properly: Clean all your blankets, fur items, woolen wears which you want to store between seasons and place them in zipped plastic bags. Keeping camphor and moth balls in closets and cupboards helps greatly. Keep them in cool and dry places with minimum humidity. Do not store in basement and get a dehumidifier if needed.

Sealing crevices and cracks: Sprays are available for surfaces that might minimize infestation to about a few weeks. You can spray around door and window casings, around skirting boards, shelves, bookcases, closets and where pipes enter walls or floors. These insects hide in crevices and cracks. So spraying there helps. Also using caulk to seal door and window cracks cut off entry points for silverfish.

Improve ventilation: Silverfish thrive in moist environment. So try to create an atmosphere by ventilating indoors that often gets warm and moist specially bathrooms and kitchens due to constant use. Allow airflow by keeping doors and windows open. Use exhaust fans to keep things dry and cool. Dehumidifiers may also be used. The main objective is to make it as dry as possible which will not allow silverfish to spread or develop.

Some natural remedies that can keep silverfish away

Silverfish are repelled by a few odors and these may be applied as it’s a turn off for them, Essential oils that include peppermint oil, lavender oil that is mixed with water and put in sprays and used in areas silverfish are commonly found. These are far safer than chemical sprays and do not cause any harm to humans or pets.

Boric acid powder may be sprinkled in areas frequented by silverfish. Also keeping a bowl of cloves in silverfish infestation area keeps them away. Another oil tat repels them is cedar oil. Spreading dried bay leaves all around your home also is an effective practice.

Silverfish also avoid smells of cinnamon and citrus. Using these fragrances as candles and diffusers is a good way to keep them away.

Home remedies and DIY approach can be effective for some time but it is not long lasting where silverfish are concerned. So call Pest Control Werribee service professionals is the only permanent solution to rid your homes of these silent menace.