Pet Simulator X, also known as PSX by many gamers, is a popular online game. This is the third iteration of the Pet Simulator series. The gameplay involves collecting coins and gems to upgrade pets and unlock special pets.

The Silver Dragon is the most popular mythical pet, which can be obtained from many gifts eggs. There are many exclusive pets players can unlock in the game. This pet is attracted to players in the United States or the Philippines.

We are however here to talk about the Silver Dragon Pet SIM X.

What’s a Silver Dragon in Pet Simulator X?

Silver Dragon is an in-game pet that can be unlocked in Pet Simulator X and PSX. Silver Dragon is the mythical pet that you can unlock in the game if you have enough Gold Coin.

You can hatch the dragon in the game using eggs from many gifts or the Christmas Tree Eggs. Level 15b players can hatch the pet they have created in the game. The pet can also be unlocked at Rainbow Level 106b or Golden Level 46b.

When will Silver Dragon Sim X be Withdrawn?

According to the official site, the pet will cease hatching after 2021 Christmas Event. Silver Dragon is one the four mythical pets that can only be hatched using the two eggs. Santa Paws, Silver Stag and Ghoul Horse are the other exclusive pets.

Only 0.00963% of eggs will hatch the pet, and only 0.000484% of Christmas Tree Eggs will. Players attempt to hatch Silver Dragon Pet SIM X before the pet is withdrawn, regardless of its success rate.

What’s Egg of Many Gifts?

The egg Egg of Many Gifts can be found in the Christmas World on the PSX game. It is most well-known for its ability to hatch Silver Dragon. Players must hatch the egg with 1.25M of game resources.

You can hatch multiple gifts if you hatch eggs. Then you’ll have the chance to get the silver dragon before it is withdrawn from the Christmas Event.

To get Silver Dragon Sim X you will first need to hatch an Egg of Many Gifts in the Christmas World PSX Game.


Pet Simulator X allows players to create pets, unlock them and upgrade them with in-game resources. It is simple to play and players enjoy hatching new pets.

But, there’s a new pet that is grabbing the attention of many players: Silver Dragon Pet Sim X. The egg that contains many Christmas gifts can be used to hatch this pet. If you are interested in this pet, hatch it before Christmas Event to avoid it being withdrawn.