For a man, the initial stage of a relationship, or rather, the prelude to it, is a kind of capture the flag game, where the girl’s attention is the flag. And sometimes you need to seriously do your best so that she begins to feel affection for you. But often, guys do not see or prefer not to notice the fact that they are not interesting to a girl. Here are a few signs that show she does not want a relationship with you. This goes for all online communication, both for russian brides and ukrainian brides.

She constantly uses the word “friend”

This is perhaps the most obvious of the non-obvious hints of a woman who does not want a relationship with you. The word “friend”, or rather, the context of its use, even gave rise to the term “friend zone”, which means that a person who is in love with the other person without reciprocity is considered just a good friend.

Most often, this is a polite replacement for the phrase “I’m not interested in you as a guy, so be content with your position as a friend.” This word is especially significant in those moments when a girl says something like, “You are such a good friend – I wish I had a boyfriend like you.”

Do not think that she is so stupid and does not see an obvious solution to rid her of loneliness. She is aware of what she is saying and does it on purpose to establish a clear boundary between you saying: if it were not you but a guy with the same qualities, then he would have a chance, but not you.

Talking about not being ready for a relationship

The most commonly used phrase is, “I’m not ready for something serious right now.” Often this is supplemented with something like “I just had a breakup” or “I got burned last time and don’t want to start something new yet” and the like. This is a clear sign that you will not get mutual liking from this girl. In rare cases, such phrases are really true, and the girl does not lie about the previous relationship.

But mostly it’s a “get out of here, boy, I’m not interested in you as a partner” signal and a kind of lifeline in the form of a false hope for a possible chance sometime in the future. But 99% of the time, this means that she will never be interested in you.

You are the only conversation starter

If you are the only initiator of the conversation (it doesn’t matter if it’s a message on a social network or a call), this means that this girl is unlikely to care about you. Especially indicative are cases when she replies to your messages after quite a long time, even if you see her online and know that she reads everything she receives.

If she texts you only when she needs something from you, that is, only for the purpose of obtaining benefits and not just to chat, then most likely you are of little interest to her. She views you as that very friend from a wide friend zone, who she decides to contact for her own benefit.