Hiring a roofing contractor for roof repair and installation should be taken seriously. Today, anyone can show you a website or hand out a business card to convince you they are professionals. But is that really the truth? There are many ways to know if your roofing contractor is unreliable. Helmuth Roofing lists down signs to identify an unprofessional roofing contractor:

Doesn’t Have A Portfolio Or References

Any reliable roofing contractor will have a portfolio of work done in the past. Anyone confident about their past work will not hesitate to share their portfolio. They will show you pictures and videos of their previous projects. In addition, they may also provide references of previous clients who you can talk to. However, unreliable contractors may hesitate to show you their portfolio or even give you references. They may avoid the topic entirely, stating they don’t maintain portfolios and sharing references is against their policies. You must be careful when you come across any contractors who hesitate to show you their past work. Try to avoid such companies as chances are they don’t have work that is good enough to be shown to new clients.

Is Not Licensed Or Insured

Any reputable roofing contractor will ensure they have the right licenses and permits before speaking to you. However, if the contractor refuses to show you their license or says they don’t have one, that could be a red flag. You must avoid such contractors. Similarly, you must check if the roofing contractor is insured before hiring them. Hiring a contractor without insurance could be risky. You will be responsible if your property gets damaged or if someone gets injured during the project. Ensure the contractor has liability insurance and worker’s compensation before hiring them. A company like Helmuth Roofing will ensure their licenses, permits, and insurance are up to date. You won’t have to worry about documentation and service quality when hiring them.

Accepts Cash Transactions Only

Speak to the potential roofing contractor about payments upfront. Depending on the project’s size, contractors may accept payments differently. Whatever the payment mode, cash is usually not an option. So if you speak to a contractor who insists on cash payments only, avoid them. An all-cash transaction will not have any paper trail. As a result, when the time comes, you won’t be able to prove how much you have paid the contractor. You must ensure proof of payments in quotes, contracts, receipts, and invoices when you pay roofing contractors. Another red flag is when the contractor asks for full payment upfront. There is no guarantee your contractor will stay back to complete the roofing work once you pay them in full. Most contractors will only take an advance payment at the start of the project and the rest once the roofing work is done. 

Puts Unnecessary Pressure

Repairing your existing roof or installing a new one is a big financial decision. And, like all other financial decisions, it can take time. Any reliable contractor with experience will understand this and give you time to consider your options and decide. It could be a red flag if your contractor pressurizes you to move forward. You could be pressured into signing a contract, buying materials, or paying for the project to begin. Refrain from giving in to unnecessary pressure, and only begin the project when you are 100% sure. 

Tries To Finish The Job Quickly

Everyone wants projects to be completed ahead of schedule. But not at the cost of quality. Usually, if your contractor is in too much of a hurry to finish the project, then they could be skipping critical steps. While this may not be an issue immediately, it could affect your new roof installation and shorten its life, leading to further problems and additional expenses. 

Provides A Vague Contract

They say the devil is in the details. Your roofing contract should also have all the details listed out. From the agreed cost and materials required to the completion date, it should all be mentioned in your contract. Any contractor who gives you a vague and incomplete contract should be avoided. An incomplete or short contract could come to bite you later. If the contractor doesn’t do their job properly, you will not have any written proof to show what was discussed and agreed upon. 

Hiring a reliable roofing contractor for your roof repair or installation is critical to its long life. The wrong contractor will not only do a botched-up job on the roof but can also create unnecessary expenses for you. When looking for roofing contractors, ask your family or friends for referrals. You can also visit the National Roofing Contractors’ Association or the Better Business Bureau to find reliable contractors. Shortlist three to four contractors before hiring one. This way, you can compare the services and costs and hire the one that fits your requirements.