COVID-19 has changed our lives. The way we go to the restaurant, grocery store, or university is not the same as a year ago. People continue adapting to a new reality, and the signage industry plays a major role in that process. For example, new signs like social distancing and face masks with a slogan “No Mask,No Entry” are very common now.

But how does COVID-19 affect signage trends now that most restrictions are lifted, and public facilities have reopened? As consumers return to gyms and restaurants, they face a world that looks different. Establishments have changed the way they operate in response to health and safety concerns. You can expect to see new signage guiding customers through social distancing or sanitation protocols in much the same way stores created signs for mask-wearing and distancing in recent months. But it’s not just about communicating how to work out or dine in their space safely; gyms, restaurants, and other establishments also need to show customers how to relax and enjoy themselves again.

Here are some signage trends in the post-pandemic world:

Reopening Signs

Many businesses had to close during the lockdown. When the restrictions were eased, organizations needed signs to announce they’d finally opened their doors. Reopening brought a lot of excitement which was expressed in signage as well. Sign companies offer simple “We’re Open” signs to hang on your doors. In addition, creative and sometimes funny solutions are also available.

Social Distancing Signs

Social distancing stickers like 6-feet-apart markers to promote physical distancing between employees in the office or between customers and store personnel. They can be a simple reminder for everyone to keep their distance from one another and avoid crowding the same place. Social distancing stickers are also useful at trade shows, exhibitions, and events to encourage your customer to maintain safe distances.

Safety Notes

Creating a safe environment is key for taking the first steps towards reopening. Staying ahead of the curve will help your business meet and exceed safety requirements, as well as make customers feel relaxed. In addition to social distancing, there are other Coronavirus-related rules and regulations that people need to follow even after the lockdown. To create a safer experience for everyone, reopened public facilities have incorporated displays with important information. Large banners, adhesive graphics, aluminum displays, and acrylic signs are used for safety notices. The material choice depends on location, taste, and message length. These signs had a simpler appearance during the height of the pandemic because of urgency. Companies now come up with more creative solutions. In fact, it’s become clear that using a more relaxed tone of voice for safety signs makes businesses look more inviting.

Room Dividers

We’ve all heard of room dividers. However, their importance became clear when the pandemic hit. These dividers are a very important part of the new normal. Businesses use them to set up safer atmospheres for conducting business, and consumers appreciate it too. They provide an extra surface for advertising as well as additional privacy.

Bold Advertising Signs

Due to the pandemic, there was a huge boost in the signage industry. Even though thousands of businesses had to close temporarily, many merchants were able to use this time to plan their next smart marketing move. Whether opening a new location or revamping an old shop, sign makers and printers saw a spike in demand once restrictions eased up. Businesses depend on these signs to attract new customers, and this trend will continue to rise in the next few years.