In this article, we explore a few of the main reasons why signs are important for businesses and what to look for when you purchase custom made signage. We then walk you through the elements that make up a functional sign, plus some additional factors that should be taken into consideration when designing your sign.

Why is signage important?

Signage is important for brands and people trying to create responsive messages. Signboards serve as the keystone of your communications plan because people are able to get information and keep track of relevant numbers over time. Moreover, signage is imperative in reaching out to consumers that are focused on digital devices and it helps you fulfil your day-to-day duties. Signboards are an easy and effective way to broadcast information, which can help to minimize a myriad of communication problems.

How to use a signboard in retail

Retailers and their customers both win when a signboard is used in a store. Using your hands to provide the message in one spot, rather than constructing it from a variety of signs, provides clear communication during those most financially lucrative hours: prime time. The only caveat to this great idea is that if you don’t have a back wall big enough or strong enough, it’ll prohibit landing on the ground floor as any other signage would. Try using a smaller side area instead. Also, consider labelling each board with messages relevant to the specific brand you are selling.

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Examples of what a sign can do

There are many steps in communicating with others whether it’s an employee, a customer or an internal meeting. One example of the key to consistent communication is using signboards. Signboards provide the message without speaking and can be used anywhere anytime. It is important to relay the same message on all signboards in order for the company to remain professional and helpful to all customers

Which signs to utilize and how to create one

fire safety, hand wash or door signage for offices has been used to convey messages for centuries. The most commonly used signage is logos and other types of identification marks. You may also see signage with directional arrows, advertisements and stock prices or class schedules. Proper signs serve a vital role to maximize contact time because they establish a common form of greeting, especially in schools where students are eager to connect with their peers.


Signs are essentially visual displays with messages. They make for an effective pointed tool for influencing the behaviour of others in any place and at any point in time. A sign can be most effective when it is consistent, viewable, direct, and shown strategically to people in various parts of its audience.