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Are you a fan of playing the latest PlayStation games? We have a game review today for you if yes. This post will provide information on the Sifu Metacritic Game to help you understand and improve your game. Sifu is a well-known game in both the United States, and the United Kingdom. You might still be interested in our Sifu Review Metacritic post. Let’s continue!

What’s it all about?

Sifu is a gritty, yet slick beat-em up set in modern urban settings. It features intense hand to hand fighting and a sleek but gritty aesthetic. Sloclap, who also developed the highly acclaimed PS4 fighting game Absolver, has released Sifu.

A young kung fu student embarks on a quest for revenge as he hunts down the murderers of his family. He is a single-on-one fighter without any allies and with a lot of enemies. To succeed and preserve his family’s legacy, he would need to rely on his unique kung fu skills.

Sifu Metacritic- Specifications

  • Visit the official website at
  • Sloclap is the game developer.
  • Action, 3D and beat-’em up are just a few of the genres that are covered.
  • The game will launch at midnight Eastern Standard Time on February 8, 2022.

What is the game promotion?

Sifu is the latest title from Sloclap Animation Studio, which also brought you Absolver and many other titles. You will play as a teenage Kung Fu instructor on a quest for revenge in this third-person adventure with violent hand-to-hand fighting. It will be available on PS in the early 2022. Sifu Review Metacritic –continue to read for more!

What do gamers think about the Sifu Game.

Noisy Pixel stated that SIFU is an action-game where you must play. Although they have their limitations, the role-playing game system should not stop anyone from playing and following this compelling revenge storyline.

The best way to capture the experience is to watch a Bruce Lee movie unfold while you choreograph. It’s both incredibly satisfying and difficult. He was still having a blast beating assess at 55 and 25 in-game of Review Metacritic. He would highly recommend it to anyone.

IGN France, another user, stated that Beat Them was a superbly executed beat. The game has elements that are Metroidvania and Rogue-like, encouraging players to play endless cycles.