The question to some degree is that should you trust a moving company at all. There are plenty of reviews on reliable third-party websites like Google and Yelp in which customers of moving companies have described their horrible experiences. These websites make it easier for us to look at the negative reviews by allowing us to show only the 1-star reviews. With all the prior customers’ experiences, it certainly makes it difficult for us to entrust our valuables to moving companies for fear of damage or loss. Therefore, why should you trust moving companies at all?

The Cost of Moving

There is a considerable cost advantage for choosing an affordable moving company to make your move over doing it yourself. You don’t have to rent equipment and trucks, and you also don’t have to take time from your job to move. Even if you trust the moving company to take care of your belongings, the cost savings will be your motivation to hire them despite the fear and paranoia. Therefore, the problem is not a lack of motivation; instead, it is how to ensure that the moving company is careful with your stuff?

Why is Trust so Important?

A moving company named Allied Van Lines created a marketing campaign featuring a TV in which one of its moving trucks was driving through bad weather conditions and terrible roads. Whenever something terrible would happen, children’s voices would say “Allied, be careful,” to instill Allied Van Lines’ image with care. Testing the ad revealed that not only were the customers unable to relate Allied with the word “careful,” they took the repeated shouting to mean that Allied wasn’t careful! Now the company has the phrase “The Careful Mover” on its logo to improve the image.

Trust of the customer is everything in the moving industry because the companies have possession of all of our belongings. Furthermore, we also give more attention to negative reviews than positive ones, and it should be this way as there is very little to be gained on a successful move, but there is a lot to be lost on an unsuccessful one. Therefore, the problem is how to hire a good and competent moving company that can earn my trust.

How to Select a Moving Company?

First and foremost, you need to search third-party websites to find companies with a high rating and many reviews. You can do this simultaneously with asking your friends and family for any moving companies they had prior experience with and reviewing those companies. You can then select the top three companies based on your reviews and contact them to provide you with a quote. Now, you can evaluate the moving company and have the quotes to plan your budget. You have effectively compiled a list of companies based on many factors and are ready to make the final decision. At this point, I use one metric to determine which of these companies I should trust, and that metric is the comprehensiveness of the company’s insurance.

The more comprehensive the insurance, the more it will lose in case of a bad move, the more faith the company has in its services, and the more I should trust the company. It should be clear that many companies claim to offer comprehensive insurance, but there will be instances in the reviews in which they had damaged something valuable and given only a small amount of money as compensation.

I hope this article helps you evaluate moving companies better and make the best decision for you. If you are looking for movers in Las Vegas, be sure to check out Move4LessNevada as it is the most positively reviewed moving company in Nevada and has a comprehensive insurance policy. As always, Happy Moving!