It is easy to forget that while our lives are flashing before our eyes, so are the lives of everyone around us. This can be particularly daunting when we see our parents start to grey a little faster, wrinkle a little more, and end up being much slower when walking around. They might also have trouble recalling details or have issues making dinner and undertaking personal hygiene. 

If this is the case, you might wonder if you should step in. Many of us want the best care for parents who have been loving, and you want to give that love and care back, but there are definitely some things that need to be considered before you make any moves.

This piece will explore the idea of quitting your job to care for an elderly parent.

The Pros

There are many benefits to giving up your job to be your parents full time carer, though it is worth pointing out that not everyone has a good relationship with their parents and could find it painful to look after them full time. This is usually where external care is a good option. 

If you get on well with your family, are of good mental and physical health and you are able to take the time to care for them, here are some benefits that you can enjoy from this choice.

  • You will always know how your parents are at any moment. This can take a lot of unnecessary worry and stress out of your life when they are in your sight. 
  • You will know the quality of care they are getting because you will be providing it or overseeing it 
  • It could help save you or your parents from in home care, or moving into a care residency
  • It could deepen your relationship with your parents in the later stages of their life 

The Cons

There are some downsides to giving up your job to help support and care for your parents, and some of them might actually be the reason why you are not able to go ahead with looking after them. 

These are two significant cons to consider before making this decision, or you can see if you are able to compromise with assisted living

  • Financial issues – A lot of the reasons that we do not all quit our jobs is because of the financial implications. Generally, people just cannot afford to not work, and if you need to support yourself as well as your parents, your carer pay packet might not stretch. 
  • Limited independence – Your job is not your identity, but it is a part of your life, and often gives people a reason to socialize, meet others, work on projects and challenge themselves, and take on new opportunities.  This will be much more difficult to do if you leave your job behind, and you might find that your life becomes merged with your parents’.

This can be difficult to break out of if you are their sole carer, as they would be relying on you for everything.