It might surprise you to read this, but eCommerce is still a modest percentage of all retail—13% in 2021. And yet eCommerce sales are continuing to grow each financial quarter.

So one thing you can take from those numbers is that it’s not too late to get started in eCommerce. The potential for any business over the next five to ten years is phenomenal. 

When launching an eCommerce store, your first decision will be whether to hire an eCommerce website design company or do the work yourself. Read on as we explore the pros and cons of going down the agency route. 

The Pros

What might you gain from choosing a professional design agency? Here are some of the most significant benefits. 

It’s Faster

Even if you have experience in websites, doing it yourself takes time. When working with an agency, you’ll often have an entire team to do the eCommerce development. That means you’ll get your website launched faster. 

You’ll Get a Customized Finish

The problem with the DIY option is that you’ll probably use an eCommerce template. Templates look fantastic when you see the demos, but there is a downside.

They look almost identical to lots of other eCommerce stores already out there. And that will ultimately make it harder for you to stand out from your competitors.

An agency will help you achieve a more customized look with your eCommerce website design. 

It’s Secure and Tested

An agency will take responsibility for thoroughly testing your website before it’s launched. They will ensure they set up everything correctly and that your admin area and payment section are fully secure.

That additional expert help will bring you peace of mind that customers get a safe and first-class experience when they visit your website.

A Site Optimized for Search Engines

Many website agencies offer SEO in addition to the website build. The advantage of doing this is that they will optimize your site from the very start.

That will allow you to create products and blog posts that align with Google’s best practices and give you a higher chance of hitting those lucrative top spots on the search results page. 

The Cons

Are there any drawbacks to choosing a design agency? Here are some of the downsides you need to know. 


Hiring an agency will cost you money compared to doing the work yourself. Even when you are aware of the importance of eCommerce website design, you need to take an honest look at your startup budget.

Can you afford to use a professional company? 

Prior Experience

Perhaps you already have experience in website design for eCommerce or are strong in technical development. In that case, you might find you can create a beautiful website without outside help. 

Is an eCommerce Website Design Company Right for You? 

Your biggest battle as a new eCommerce business will be your competitors.

The vast majority of niches offer stiff competition, and you’ll need to figure out how to stand out from the crowd. A professional store built by an eCommerce website design company might be a wise move.

Savvy marketing choices will also help your business. So before you go, check out our digital marketing articles for plenty of tips.