A lot of people, especially some car lovers, are wondering whether to buy a Honda Jazz 2020 or not? Because this car has been mentioned all the time and is directly witnessed by everyone at the VMS Motor Expo in August 2017 and is looking forward to handing over to own a car in the year. 2020. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a five-seater, you can book an appointment and test drive the latest Honda Shuttle to see and experience the difference.  

So to help you and your car lover from wondering today, we would like to give you accurate and complete information about the Honda Jazz 2020 so that you have a solid basis and make the right decision whether you should buy a Honda Jazz car or not. Let’s take a look at Honda Jazz Review by Autofun.

Honda Jazz Specifications

First of all, let us take a look at the Honda Jazz. In essence, the Jazz is a Japanese-branded Hatchback version, which is imported CBU from Thailand with 3 selectable versions and only uses a CVT gearbox.

Honda Jazz with its luxuriously sporty look and always attracts everyone at first sight. The body is designed with sharp embossed veins combined with the front end of the car with a unique solid wing-shaped chrome plated faceplate that looks very stylish and stylish Honda Jazz.

Jazz is also available in a variety of colors (Ivory white, silver, gray, orange, red, and black). So you will freely choose colors according to your personality or preferences.

The Jazz’s interior space is very spacious, comfortable and luxurious, multifunctional and gives you many conveniences to use such as: automatic air conditioning system, 12V socket, USB slot, drawer Containers are arranged everywhere and arranged very reasonably and scientifically. The dashboard and information system always provide the driver with regular information about fuel usage, estimated speed, fuel, time, outside temperature and current gear level … ECON mode button and the ECO Coaching feature are also regularly present.

The most impressive and prominent in the Honda Jazz’s interior is the magic seat with the name – Magic Seat with 4 modes (Utility Mode, Long Mode, Tall Mode, Refresh) with just a few folding movements, reclining 2 rows of seats in Simple vehicles will help the vehicle space expand the maximum storage capacity. Help you arrange a variety of goods with complex shapes, tall, long, and wide but still fit, even you can relax in the car after each long trip.

In addition, Honda Jazz also uses a 1.5 L i-VTEC SOHC engine, 4 cylinders in line, 16 valves with CVT gearbox, Earth Dreams Technology application, cylinder capacity 1,497 cm3, Combined with sports gear shift paddle, the driver always operates smoothly and comfortably.

The Jazz safety system is especially focused on and cared for by Honda, as evidenced by the 5-star rating by the Southeast Asian car rating organization for safety.

Jazz safety systems include: ABS anti-lock braking system, electronic brake-force distribution EBD, safety belt warning for driver and next door, 6 airbag system ensures everyone on the car when having an accident, automatic door lock …

This is also the most selected model in the countries in the distribution region. That is why this car is worth considering and thinking about if you are planning to buy a car.

Evaluate the Honda Jazz Driving Experience

The MacPherson independent front suspension provides a comfortable driving experience for the driver as well as the front seats, but the rear seats are only equipped with a twisted rear suspension, so those in the rear will feel more comfortable. The feeling is not very smooth when passing through rough roads.

Electric power steering with a turning radius of only 5.4m makes the steering wheel operate the car quite maneuverable and completely suitable for urban traffic. However, the car’s undercarriage is only 137mm low, so you need to pay attention when driving into high-speed humps.

With the urban move of the 1.5-liter Honda Jazz engine is considered to be neither too strong nor too weak, but also fuel efficient.


If finance is not an issue, then buying Honda Jazz is a perfectly right decision and does not have to be given much thought.