Why is it that so many people want to enrol themselves into one of the best IELTS coaching in Dubai? The truth is that a lot of people who want to study IELTS find that their English skills are too basic to prepare them for a top notch IELTS examination. There are also those who only have basic knowledge of the language and don’t have the confidence to take it as a career. 

There are, however, scores of people who want to get an IELTS grade of six for IELTS preparation in Dubai. This means that they need to at least take IELTS teacher training in UAE. Even though IELTS preparation in Dubai will help you get that perfect score, but it won’t help you get a certification from the United Kingdom examinations Council.

As a matter of fact, getting the qualification in an English-speaking country is not the end-all. You will still need to prepare yourself for the actual IELTS exams. There are quite a few ways to do this. Some people prefer to enrol in IELTS preparation in Dubai but with poor English skills and an unprofessional attitude.

However, by doing so you are only wasting your time and money in Dubai. Another option that a lot of people are opting for is to get an IELTS teacher training UAE certificate in a private institution in Dubai. By this method, they can get certified after two or three years of hard work and dedication.

A few matters to take into consideration

A lot of teachers in Dubai have the luxury of choosing where they want to be certified. But if you want to opt for the most excellent IELTS teacher training program, it is advisable that you take an online course which offers very good quality.

That way, you will not be interested in being part of a class of foreign national who only speak very good English and do not have any knowledge of the local language. It is obvious that this group would be uninterested in the learning material, which they were to be taught. Also, online courses offer a flexible schedule which suits to the needs of busy individuals like you.

One of the disadvantages of IELTS online courses is that you would not be able to meet your instructor face to face. If you are only interested in an intensive online course, you can choose a course which offers both classroom and online instruction and a class size of thirty students.

The other drawback of the online courses is that you cannot make use of the various resources available in the country. For example, there are few public libraries in Dubai which might prove to be a great source of learning materials and reference material for you. In fact, you might find this important as the case with some English literature in other countries.

This means that all the IELTS teacher training online courses would be an enhanced version of what is offered in public institutions. It is wise that before you opt for an online course, you would need to check whether it offers special programs for teaching private or not.

There are a number of teachers who actually prefer to teach at home, but these kinds of classes would not be able to provide you with the right kind of learning materials. The only option left for you is to search for an online course which gives you the same quality of instruction and learning materials as in a private institute.


Not all Dubai Internet based courses would be able to provide you with the same quality of learning materials as what is offered in a traditional classroom setting. What is good about online courses is that you can take it at your own pace and pick the best one to suit your lifestyle..