There is one fragrance that stands out to confident women that want to embrace their femininity. We are talking about Giorgio Armani Si. This Eau De Parfum is proving very popular as an empowering fragrance that is sophisticated and floral. But, you may have noticed that there is also a Giorgio Armani Si Intense fragrance available. 

When it comes to perfume, brands often release lines of similar fragrances. So, you may be sceptical about purchasing several of them if they are going to be almost identical. This is something that people have been wondering about Giorgio Armani Si. The Intense version was released in 2021 and you might be wondering what is going to be the best option for you. Is there really a difference between Giorgio Armani Si and Giorgio Armani Si Intense? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

The Giorgio Armani Si Perfume

First of all, let’s start by taking a look at Giorgio Armani Si. This is an Eau De Parfum that is popular and described as being feminine and elegant. In particular, women like the freesia and rose notes, as well as patchouli and oak moss. It is translated that ‘Si’ means ‘yes’ in Italian. This is said to tie into the feminine energy that the perfume is going for and that a confident woman is not afraid to say yes.

Overall, Giorgio Armani Si perfume is described as a floral scent and one that is soft and warm at the same time. It is feminine and sophisticated, which means that women like to wear it in a variety of situations. This can be an everyday perfume or one for special occasions; it has this versatility. 

So What is Giorgio Armani Si Intense?

Now, let’s take a look at Giorgio Armani Si Intense. Indeed, this inclusion of ‘Intense’ suggests that this perfume will be more powerful and passionate. Indeed, it seems like it was created for this purpose and to allow you to immerse yourself in the experience it creates. The first thing you notice about it is the bottle change. You can view this perfume at You will notice that it has a black bottle instead of a rose, light pink colour. This has a dramatic effect and it does make you feel that the fragrance is going to be more powerful.

Similar to Giorgio Armani Si, the Intense fragrance is described as being warm and floral. But, where it seems to differ slightly is that people say they notice the top note of blackcurrant a lot more noticeable. Think about the scent being full-bodied and just as the name suggests, it is ‘intense;’ The chances are that if you like Giorgio Armani Si, you will like this bolder version too.

In addition, the base notes in Giorgio Armani Si Intense are said to linger for a long time. This includes vanilla and patchouli. These base notes do tend to last quite a few hours anyway. So, we are not sure if this is just an opinion. After all, these ingredients seem to be in the Armani Si perfume.

Therefore, just as the name suggests, Giorgio Armani Si Intense is designed to be richer and more powerful than the Si Eau De Parfum. It is still marketed at strong and confident women but it is thought to give you the extra boost you need to be assertive and self-assured. Indeed, it continues to be a feminine fragrance. 

What is Giorgio Armani Si Passione Eau De Parfum?

But, there is also another perfume by Giorgio Armani that is causing confusion. This is called Si Passione Eau De Parfum. Again, this bottle is slightly different and it is a bright and vibrant red. This is going to be a perfume that is more for women who like fruity scents, as well as it having a hint of spicy pepper. It is meant to be a sensual perfume that makes you feel attractive.

Therefore, a lot of women prefer to wear Si Passione when they are going out on a date or on a special occasion when they want to impress. Indeed, fruity perfumes tend to stand out and be sweet. So, this is more of a change from the floral fragrance of the Giorgio Armani Si perfume. It may also not last as long since it has fruity scents. But, it is still an Eau De Parfum so you will need to try it out for yourself.