The number of online purchases increases every year. Customers take their time to choose the right product online, study reviews, compare it with counterparts and, if necessary, come to the offline shop (shopware development).

When choosing a product to sell, you have to solve the problem of developing landing pages. When building it yourself, technical skills are required. You need to choose a domain and hosting for it. Then you need to install, configure and maintain the CMS (content management system). But the resource itself is created for free. Installation of ready-made designer, provided by specialized services will cost somewhat more expensive. However, the technical part to deal with this case is easier.

By clicking on a link to advertise toys, the customer must see on the site it toys. Headings should be interesting content and contrasting colour. The “buy” button must be made bright. The text always contains a call to buy or order a service. The website should not be overloaded with information and a large number of images.

Flexbe is simple and easy to use and offers 14 days of testing for free. The budget rate allows you to create 10 pages on a single domain. It also includes 250 sms-notifications. your own mailbox, a free domain, and technical support. The more expensive plan, includes 100 sms. The number of domains and pages is unlimited. Landing page is created on this builder itself for 10 minutes.

Designer LPTrend offers 61 templates for creating landing pages. There is a “useful services” tab, A/B testing option. A trial period of 15 days is given. With the premium rate you will create an unlimited number of landing pages yourself.

With the “Basium” constructor you can create 400 variants of websites with different designs. It includes 27 settings and 53 blocks, which give you a wide range of possibilities. Postpaid option to pay for the service.The Tilda website builder has a modular system.

Resources with any architecture can be created with Wix. com. Thanks to the professional level of the builder you will make both a website and a large online marketplace. The development of different level projects is also possible with the Nethouse service. The paid version includes the cost of the domain. It has simple templates with a wide range of features (eCommerce Marketplace Development Company).

Jimdo. com has the function of uploading its own unique template. com. There are also a large number of ready-made templates. Among the pluses: there are plenty of settings and no ads. So you’ve decided on a domain, hosting and platform to create your own website. Next you need to develop a prototype of the site. The visual version is easy to do in Adobe Photoshop.

A company needs a logo. It is a concise image that reflects the essence of the online shop’s activities. As simple and memorable as possible with a minimum of colour. It can be created in vector graphic programmes such as Corel Draw. The logo is placed on the home page of the website.

A Splash page should be provided for the splash screen during loading. It is important that the splash page does not last more than three seconds, otherwise the client will leave.

SEO promotion of a website requires the use of keywords that the user searches for online. It is important not to overuse them so that search engines do not block the resource for overspamming. It is essential to use them in headlines and page titles.

“Yandex” and “Google” are looking for a resource through links. In addition to internal links from one page of the site to another, there must be external links. These are links to the site from other websites and social networks. You can negotiate a link exchange or buy links on exchanges. Famous link exchanges include miralinks and gogetlinks.

Passive addition to the indexing of search engines Google and “Yandex” does not require special skills. Enough to add information about your site through their services AddURL. The only disadvantage is that the result of indexing is not immediate.