Do you want to find the right evidence for Shopboujeehippie Review? To be safe, please read this informative article.

Are you a victim of online scams? Have you ever been sucked in by an online site? What is the truth about Many United States buyers feel that shopping online through shopping portals is risky, even though they might offer the best experience.

In reality, they may be greedy for your cash. We will keep you informed by illustrating the main points of the site, including Shopboujeehippie Review today.

Description of This Portal

We were unable to find the About Us and Contact Us sections of this website during our investigation. These are essential elements to maintain buyer trust. Unfortunately, the online portal does not provide this information. We also found that the site offers tops, jackets, and other items for women.

We recommend that you read our detailed analysis of this site. It lacks many factors, and it can be confusing. To keep you informed, refer to the section below.

Important Specifications To Note Shopboujeehippie Legit ?

  • The inspection detected the portal’s URL is
  • We haven’t received the email address.
  • This auction sold tops, jackets and other women’s clothing.
  • The exchange policy strings are lacking within
  • No address information was found during our research.
  • During the investigation, we have not disclosed the number of the phone.
  • Survey respondents noticed that the newsletter option was available.
  • For an express checkout, the shopper has three options: ShopPay, PayPal and GooglePay
  • We did not estimate any details of the return policy.
  • You can find icons for different social networks here
  • This portal does not contain information regarding the refund policy.
  • Our survey on Shopboujeehippie Review revealed that this website was created on 04/03/2021. It is one year, four month and 17 days old.
  • After answering the questions, the website stated that the shipping cost would be reflected on the order.
  • We were unable to save any delivery policy hints from this virtual site.

Perks Served

  • This site provided the social icons.
  • The examination revealed that the newsletter facility was available.
  • This portal offers an instalment option.

Defects Observed

  • It is possible to suspect that the address details are not correct.
  • We were unable to find any email address or contact number.
  • The social icons that were rescued are not currently active, which raises serious questions about Is Shopboujeehippie Legit.
  • No feedback was received on Trustpilot during our survey.

Is Shopboujeehippie False?

  • Portal Age– 04-03-2021 is the creation date of, implying that this website was enrolled one year, four months and 17 days from now.
  • Discount Information – Although there were no unrealistic discount threads, it is possible that the site may try to trick you with other methods.
  • Bulk-Buying Options During our investigation we found that the site allows customers to select the quantity. However, when we attempted to add items to our cart, the site redirected us to the official website and revealed that it was empty. This shows that the portal could be dangerous. We can observe this activity and expose Shopboujeehippie Reviewthreads.
  • Domain Expiry Day – Our inspection shows that the website remains operational until 04/03/2023.
  • Social Connections Presence – While the icons were given, it does not allow buyers to share the items on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Trust Ranking – It is interesting to note that an outstanding 100 out of 100 trust rank value has been discovered.
  • Buyers’ Responses – This survey did not find any comments about this site on Trustpilot or other open platforms. We also found no reliable hints on the Internet.
  • Alexa Rank– No Alexa Rank is retrieved for
  • Address Details – We discovered that the details needed to rescue Shopboujeehippie Review threads were not there.
  • Plagiarization – The virtual shop does not contain much content so it is difficult to judge its quality. However, many questions are raised by the inaccessibility of details.
  • Trust Score – We don’t believe the 20% value.

Viewpoint does not allow customers to leave legit comments. The reason there are no comments from online customers is the absence of Alexa rank and no social activity. Click here to see details about credit card fraud.


The Shopboujeehippie Reviews article exposed this portal and flagged it as suspicious and questionable. We advise you to stay away from this website. More information about the PayPal scam can be foundSee the reliable clues on jackets.

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