The R H U D E brand is an emerging fashion brand rooted in Los Angeles that features streetwear elements incorporated into ready-to-wear collections.

Developed as a story, R H U D E integrates a reflection of modern socioeconomics and personal stories as Villasenor came to Los Angeles. In addition to combining American iconography with nostalgic references, R H U D E is a visual commentary on Los Angeles’ style and culture. After graduating from high school, Rhuigi studied art history and worked as an intern with Shaun Samson.

The designer’s understanding of garments and construction is based on the training he received from a mother who was a tailor growing up, which gave him a foundation and understanding of how to construct each garment and the subsequent stories that go along with them.

RHUDE’s journey parallels that of the proprietor, Mike Villasenor, chronicling the evolution of a man from adolescence to maturity. What started as a hobby making t-shirts in his parents’ garage has now grown into a highly successful rhude clothing with an ever-expanding fan base.

 As the Creative Director and brand continue to grow up, they have culminated in the most recent debut presentation at Paris Men’s Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer 2020 Collection. This expansion is a natural continuation of the journey that started years ago and is a reflection of Villasenor’s own maturation process. With each new collection, RHUDE tells a story of growth, evolution, and progress, mirroring the journey of its founder.

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The popularity of rhude in recent years can be attributed to a variety of reasons. Several factors have contributed to the brand’s visibility and appeal, including its unique style, high-quality products, and celebrity endorsements.

Rhude also offers something different than other streetwear brands, making it stand out in a crowded market. We can only expect the brand to become even more popular in the future as it continues to grow.