Jewelry can make or break an outfit. It has the ability to dress up casual clothing or transform a simple dress into an elegant look. Jewelry is a versatile accessory, and nearly every outfit can benefit from the pop of shine or color that it brings. Specifically, necklaces from Adinas Jewels are a must-have essential to any jewelry collection.

There are many different jewelry brands to shop with, making it tough to narrow down your options! One of the most popular places to shop necklaces in 2021 is Kendra Scott. Kendra Scott’s collection crafts jewelry from natural materials like stone and shell to offer quality products at an affordable price. Use the guide below to help you find your necklace match made in heaven.

Make a statement.


Are you into statement pieces? If you answered yes to that question, you’re in luck! Kendra Scott has an entire statement piece collection that ranges from mood stone cat pendants to blush glass butterfly necklaces. In the modern era, style is becoming more and more subjective. Trends come and go, but it all boils down to whether or not you can pull it off.

Confidence and uniqueness trump all when it comes to dressing in 2021. Take it from Gen Z, the generation that is hell-bent on bringing back 2000’s era low-rise jeans. If you feel good, you look good. Take a walk on the wild side and pick something out that speaks to your inner fashionista.

Layer up.

Much like potato chips, sometimes one necklace just isn’t enough. Layering necklaces can be tricky, and sometimes they get tangled. Thankfully, Kendra Scott has a solution: the multi-strand collection. These necklaces range from dainty chokers and pendants to vintage layering styles with large, eye-catching gemstones. Since they have been specially measured and placed to avoid pulling and tangling, you can rest assured that your jewelry will be sitting pretty all night long.



Necklaces are staple jewelry items. Accordingly, purchasing one can feel like a big decision. People’s tastes frequently change over the years. Don’t believe me? Take a look at a picture of yourself from 10 years ago and let me know if you would still buy that outfit today. The chances are high that you wouldn’t. If your style changes, don’t hold on to items you would never wear again. It refers to accessories as well. Get a professional evaluation and sell your old jewelry to a reliable buyer so you can purchase a necklace to your taste.

Lucky for you finicky fashionistas, Kendra Scott offers a wide variety of charms that match effortlessly with charm necklaces. Base chains range from sterling silver, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. A few examples of the precious stones you can add to your charm necklace include lilac abalone, ivory mother of pearl, obsidian, and amazonite.

Let’s link-up.


One of the trendiest necklace looks today is the simple chain. Its versatility allows you to use it to dress up or down, not to mention they match with almost any look! If you are looking into necklaces for a gift, a chain may be your best bet. They are a simple, timeless classic that can complement wardrobes of all aesthetics. How many necklaces do you own that you can wear to a punk concert and a classy dinner? Not enough. Kendra Scott is home to every chain type, from thin, delicate looks to chunky, knotted chains.

Selecting the perfect jewelry doesn’t have to be a chore. Kendra Scott’s vast collection of online items allows you to take all the time you need. Sit back, relax, and scroll until you find love among the many precious gems and metals. If you struggle to find inspiration, try checking out their Instagram. You can find fashion inspiration, pairing suggestions, and more. Those who love to stay on top of the trends may benefit from looking into the best sellers selection or browsing the celebrity picks.