Dogs are playful and funny creatures. They love to play and can be hilarious at times. Although they have a serious side when it comes to hunting or protecting their territory, they are generally light-hearted animals who love to frolic around and enjoy life. Therefore, if you have a dog, then perhaps you might want to consider adding some humor to his identification tags. Funny dog tags provide the perfect opportunity for you to inject some comedy into your pet’s life with quirky designs that won’t fail to make you giggle. Read on ideas to shop funny dog tags that will no doubt give your pooch a laugh.

Find the perfect tag

Before you start shopping for funny dog tags, you should first make sure that the tag you choose is durable and long-lasting. You’ll want your tag to last as long as your dog does, so you’ll need to make sure that it’s made from high-quality materials. Additionally, your tag should be readable and recognizable in case your dog ever gets lost. You don’t want a tag that’s too silly or overly ornate, as it’ll be difficult for passersby to read. Therefore, it’s important to find a tag that’s clear and easy to read. You should also take into account the type of collar that your dog wears. Some tags are designed to be hung from a dog collar, whereas others are designed to be affixed to a dog’s fur.

What are the types of dog tags?

Dog tags come in a variety of different materials and thicknesses, so there is a style to suit every dog owner. The most common type of dog tag is the stainless steel variety, which is highly durable and long-lasting. Dog tags can also be made of aluminum, copper, or brass. If you have a particularly active pooch, then you might want to consider a thick leather dog collar tag. These are very durable, although they do tend to be a little bulkier than some of the other tags on the market. If you’re looking to avoid piercing your dog’s fur, then there are tags that are designed to be either tied to or placed beneath the dog’s collar. These tags are generally lightweight and don’t make the dog uncomfortable.

Decide on a funny design

While there are many funny dog tag designs, you should decide which one you want to purchase based on your dog’s personality. For example, if your dog is a real party animal, then perhaps a “wild” design would be appropriate. If your dog is more of a couch potato, then a less vibrant tag might be more fitting. It’s important to consider the type of humor that you want to employ in your design. For example, is it something that will appeal to children? Or is it something that only adults will appreciate? You’ll also want to make sure that the design is appropriate for the type of dog that you own. For example, if your dog is a hunting breed, then you might not want to go for a design that is overly cute and cuddly.


If you have a playful pooch, then perhaps you should consider purchasing a funny dog tag. There are many designs to choose from, all of which will inject some humor into your pet’s life and show that you think that he is a hilarious creature. Keep in mind that you should choose a design that is appropriate for your dog breed. You should also make sure that the tag is durable and easy to read. With the right tags, your dog’s collar will be a source of laughter between you and your furry friend.