The wedding season is in full swing and the process of shopping with a lot of people is already underway. If you’re looking for the best location to buy your goods within the United States, then you can find an online store called Shoes of king where you will find a variety of products of your preference to celebrate this wedding and festive season.

To find out whether Shoes of King is Legit is legit, you have to remain with us in order to be aware of all the essential details that will reveal the real and best image of the site. Therefore, don’t wander off to find all the information you need all in one location.

Is this a legitimate store?

The most important aspect to consider is its credibility. We cannot judge a website based on any criteria. But there are a few details that provide the complete image of the site. The site may appear so appealing and captivating that you is likely to be drawn to it. However, there are some aspects such as Shoes Of King Reviews that will let you know the truth about the impression of this website. Certain essential details we’ll provide here are useful in assessing the reliability and legitimacy that is Shoes of king shop.

These are the specifics that are essential:

  • Date of registration 7 July, 2021 marks the date for the registration date for the shoes of the King Shop.
  • Registration: Porkbun LLC is the sole registrar for shoes at the King Shop.
  • Score of trust As per our study, we have found an average trust score of 1% from this website, which is way too low.
  • Data security allows an https protocol that allows transmit information using the most secure methods.
  • Social Connection We could not find a website that is a legitimate official account of the store’s social media that answers the is the question: Is Shoes of King Legit?
  • Response of the buyer We also have not received any responses from shoppers regarding their collections. Additionally, we did not find reviews that were relevant on any review websites. We also have doubts to trust this site.

The website appears popular due to its massive collectionof products, but certain aspects do not meet the requirements of credibility, which makes it even more suspect. You shouldn’t believe in this website blindly because they may be planning to scam you if you provide your personal information with the sellers. Be aware prior to using these sites.

Short Description of Website

We have shared all the Shoes of the King Legit information about the store. But, we will discuss the details of this store. we’ll provide you with information about their merchandise. Shoes of the King is an online retailer that claims to offer all the top quality products with every feature available within the market. They offer products listed as follows:

  • Aeroplane shorts
  • Full-sleeve button shirts
  • Jackets
  • Skinny jeans, bootcut jeans
  • Flare pants

It is possible to purchase all these products in one location for such a low cost.

features of Shoes of King

  • Purchase flare pants from
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Address Address: 200 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401, United States
  • We were unable to locate the phone number of the store in question, so we are unsure if The Shoes of King Legit?
  • Based on our study of the shoes of the king We couldn’t locate any reviews from shoppers on the website or review websites too.
  • Return Policy:
  • The website offers a 30 days return policy in the event of damaged items.
  • Exchanges are only accepted in the instances of damaged or defective products.
  • Options for payment considered: Visa, PayPal, Master Card, American Express, Discover, etc.
  • Refunds are granted after an inspection.

Positive Highlights

  • Address and email id of the business are listed.
  • The protocol Https is discovered.

Negative Highlights

  • There was no relevant information about social media sites was found.
  • There was no response from the customers at the time of the collection.
  • The number for the phone was not there.

Shoes Of King Reviews

According to our research on this store, we did not locate any contact information however, email and the address of the business were listed. We are also not able to locate any customer reviews on the products listed on the website, which makes the store appear suspicious. We’re unable to locate the relevant official websites on social media as well. Additionally the fact that no useful sources of information were discovered on any review website. This website has the lowest ranking according to Alexa Ranking,


Based on the Shoes Of King Legitdetails We discovered that the store has low life expectancy and a short duration of registration, which makes it unsuitable to use. Additionally, the trust score is not very good. The website does offer quality products like . But overall we advise not to purchase from this store.