Shipping a car safely can be expensive, but it’s necessary for relocating or moving to another state. Consumers are often surprised at the price of shipping a car, though, because there are so many variables that affect costs. The best way to determine how much it will cost to ship a car is to have an idea of the weight and size of your car, the distance it needs to travel, and which shipping method is best for you.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

Shipping a car across Canada might seem like an expensive idea, but it’s actually one of the cheapest types to transport a vehicle. The size and weight of the vehicle determine the carrier’s load and the price they have to charge for shipping. There are two factors that impact how much space a carrier can take up and how much weight they can carry: size and weight. Also you can prefer Heavy Haulage to shipping a cars which is best option for transport business.

For example, say a car transport company has a 10-car trailer but only carries trucks. If this is the case, they will never be able to fit 10 trucks because they are so much bigger than cars. When hauling trucks, the company ends up with less of a capacity for cars. The result of this is that they have to charge more for those cars.

A truck can only carry a certain amount of weight. We’re talking about the total of the truck’s weight and the vehicle’s weight and all of the weight that makes up his cargo. If you’re hauling mostly trucks, which weigh more than cars, then your truck will be limited in the number of trucks it can carry on one trip. It might charge you more to haul a truck, because of its weight limitations.

Electric cars are an exception to the rule. If you’ve ever wondered why electric cars are so much more expensive than regular cars, it’s because of the weight. Standard-size SUVs can be up to 3,000 pounds, but electric vehicles can often weight more than that. For example, a 2020 Honda Pilot weighs around 4,200 pounds.

Transportation Costs to Ship a Car in the U.S.

The cost of shipping a car coast-to-coast is $1,200 – $1,500. This is the cost to ship a car from North to South. For example, from Minnesota to Texas would cost $1,000 – $1,300. Add $200 more if the car is electric.

If you are shipping a Honda Accord, it might cost around $1,200 to get it from Sacramento to Philadelphia. If you’re sending it from Boston to Seattle, it will be about $1498. The cost of shipping a Honda Accord from Syracuse to Orlando is approximately $1,040. The cost of shipping one from Denver to Columbus is about $869. Finally, the cost of shipping the car from Kansas City to Dallas is around $512.

Factors That Affect the Cost to Ship a Car

When it comes to shipping, size does matter. Insurance rates, the cost of gas, and how much the recipient is willing to pay can all affect the price. There are other factors, too, though. The size and weight of the vehicle are good to consider, but insurance prices, gasoline costs, and more can also affect how much it costs to ship your vehicle.

How urgently do you need to have your car shipped?

If you have a time-sensitive delivery, you will typically pay more. This is because the carrier who accepts your shipment will need to incentivize themselves with a higher price to make your request a priority. If you have some flexibility, though, you will pay less as they can wait for a more convenient time to complete the delivery based on their current route schedule.

Is the vehicle picked up at my doorstep or delivered to the terminal?

Auto transport is either door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal. Door-to-door is more expensive but provides the most convenience. We are a door-to-door service, so you never have to worry about driving to a terminal. Other auto transport providers may offer terminal-to-terminal service, but this means that your vehicle will be in a different location.

Which type of trailer do you need?

Open trailers are common on the roads. They have no walls, and the truck is exposed to the elements. Enclosed trailers have weather-proof walls on all four sides of the trailer. They are a more expensive option, but they prevent the truck from being exposed to the elements.

Enclosed trailers are harder to find and more expensive. Double the price of an open trailer, in fact. Not all carriers have them, which can make them hard to find. Luckily for you, our fleet consists entirely of open trailers, so you won’t have to worry about that.

How far is the car being shipped?

Distance is a major factor in the cost of shipping a vehicle. The farther away a car needs to be transported on an auto hauler, the more it will cost to ship the vehicle.

Where is the vehicle coming from? Where is it going to?

The cost of transporting the car will be affected by how accessible the pickup and delivery points are. If they are not on well-traveled routes or in hard-to-reach areas, the cost will be higher.

What kind of vehicle are you shipping?

This article discusses the different costs of transporting different types of vehicles. Trucks, SUVs, and vans are more expensive to ship than sedans or compact cars.

What is the price of fuel?

The price of fuel varies depending on where you are, but it can affect what you pay to ship a car. Fuel is the biggest variable expense associated with auto transport, so it’s important to keep an eye on the price.

Is the car operational?

If the car is not functioning, there will be an increase in shipping costs if the transport company needs special equipment or a tow truck to get it on and off the auto hauling trailer.