The announcement of the Chinese Amazon FBA service is affecting the entire online business world. A growing number of e-commerce business owners are opting for Chinese Amazon FBA as their fulfillment choice due to the convenience it offers to customers.

As a sourcing agency, Justchinait sourcing agent receive many requests for delivery into Amazon fba warehouses by clients every day. Here, we’ve collected and selected the top 6 frequently asked questions on Chinese Amazon and amazon fba warehouse. We will then provide our expertise and insights on these common questions relating to Chinese Amazons

If you’re a new Amazon seller who is thinking of shipping from China to Amazon FBA, you can discover everything you need to be aware of in this comprehensive guide. 

  1. How to Ship from China to the other side called Amazon FBA Warehouse?

Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Chinese Amazon) offers the fulfillment service provided by Chinese Amazon in the hopes to ease selling for sellers. By using the FBA services, Amazon sellers’ warehouse is able to place your items in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and Amazon employees will be accountable to pick and packing your items, shipping them, and dealing with all inquiries from customers and returns on these items. Amazon fba warehouse locations are also easy to locate with China sourcing agent.

3 Methods for Shipping Your Product from China into Amazon FBA

If you’re an Amazon seller that imports goods from China (Amazon from China) when you decide to make use of this Amazon FBA service the first thing, you’ll need to answer is the method of shipping your items to China into Amazon FBA or Amazon FBA Warehouse. Direct ship freebies in Chinese Amazon can be seen in the coming days due to the influence of Amazon from China and Alibaba USA warehouse. (Alibaba USA Warehouse Company LLC, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, plans to build and operate a fulfillment center in Fayetteville, Ark.) There are three options as illustrated below. 

  • Method 1: Direct Shipping

In this method, direct shipping is fulfilled from Chinese Amazon to Amazon fba Warehouse.

  • Method 2: Indirect Shipping

In this method, first of all, shipping is shipped to your home and then the shipping is done to Amazon fba warehouse, simply called Amazon direct ship freebies.

  • Method 3: Prep Service Company Shipping

In this method, shipping is fulfilled through a prep service company and then towards the Amazon seller warehouse.

2. Is the Shipping Cost Included in Your FBA Monthly Fee?

It should be a huge plus if the shipping cost is included in your monthly fee, but it’s not guaranteed. There are many Amazon FBA merchants that don’t include the shipping cost when they sign up. 

3. Where Does Shipping Come from for My Amazon FBA Product?

Amazon FBA’s standard rates cover the shipping costs of each country’s Amazon FBA products. The flat rate shipping method is also used for items that come to the Alibaba US warehouse from China or Taiwan. For any other products, including that shipping from US FBA businesses, the flat rate shipping method will cost you approximately $2.99. Amazon charges different rates for each country in which you want to ship an Amazon FBA product.

4. Does Amazon FBA Include the Cost of Shipping Credit Cards?

If your Chinese Amazon FBA seller account allows you to set your shipping rate and don’t charge you for shipping credit cards, then you don’t have to worry about adding them to your cart. But you don’t have to worry if you want to include them, either. 

5. What Amazon FBA Shipping Charges Include Credit Card Shipping Charges?

Any applicable shipping charges that you add to your cart will not be added to your Amazon FBA shipment costs. They are separate. If you want to make sure that your entire order comes with no charges, you can add the shipping charges yourself to your cart before making your purchase and look for the best products in ACKBUY.

6. Are Shipping Costs Included in My Chinese Amazon FBA Monthly Fee?

There are a few different ways that you can pay for shipping costs. If you have your Chinese Amazon FBA seller account set up so that you receive payments monthly, then you will automatically receive credit for shipping fees on your orders. You can also choose to set up a Chinese Amazon FBA to pay you for shipping costs at the end of the month. 

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