If you’re using playing the Pokemon Go app, you probably have heard of the newest Shiny Slugma Pokemon. Did you? What is the most enjoyable thing about it? Its evolution.

Pokemon Go has been around since the year 2016 and is now available to iOS as well as Android platforms. Despite many criticisms, it’s been able to remain on first place on the charts.

Fans who hail from Canada as well as in the United States, and all over the globe are its fans and keep the series in motion.

So, what’s you think about Shiny Slugma Evolution? Learn more about it.

What’s Shiny Slugma?

Shiny Slugma, released on 7 January 2022 in Mountains of Power Shiny Slugma, released on 7 January 2022 on Mountains of Power, it is one of the Shiny Pokemon for Slugma, and , like other Shiny Pokemon, it has similar traits. In case you didn’t already know, Shiny Pokemon are rare variations of normal Pokemon that are only different in the color.

While the normal Slugma is slug-like, and has the bright red color of its body The Shiny Slugma is dark grey. It is believed that the normal Slugma has magma molten circulating throughout its body. Shiny Pokemon does not. Shiny Pokemon is its cooled-down and harder version.

Keep reading to find out more all you can about Shiny Slugma Evolution.

Shiny The Slugma Statista

  • Categories: Lava Pokemon
  • Number: #218
  • Heigh: 0.65 to 0.87 m
  • The weight range is 30.19to 50.78 kg
  • Attack: 118
  • Defense: 71
  • Stamina: 120
  • Capture rate 30 percent
  • The rate of fleeing is 10%.
  • The CP Range is 10-895.
  • HP range 11-106
  • Second attack charged with a charge:
  • Stardust cost: 10,000
  • Cost of candy 25 dollars.

The Slugma’s strengths and weaknesses

Slugma isn’t powerful enough even with the initial version. Similar to the slug, it is lacking in other aspects despite its impressive special attack. It’s slow and extremely vulnerable to ground, rock, and water-based movements.

It can withstand grass, bug steel, ice fire, and fairy types of movements, but it is invulnerable to all types of attacks.

How do I catch the Slugma within Pokemon Go?

Before you can learn more about Shiny Slugma Evolution it is essential to know how to capture one. There are a variety options to accomplish this.

There is a chance to see one in the wild or in the Field Research. But, unlike the normal one, it’s not available from the gym or eggs raids. To find its wild counterpart, look for it in the areas of dry or arid climates. In clear conditions, the rate of spawning is higher and the species becomes more readily available.

Be aware that Shiny Slugma is uncommon to come across on Pokemon Go like another Shiny Pokemon.

What exactly is Shiny Slugma Evolution?

Shiny Slugma Shiny Slugma can be evolved by using 50 candy candies until Magcargo when you reach level 38.

The Magcargo evolution of a normal slug is bright red However, when you have Shiny Slugma it’s purple.

Did you have the knowledge that Slugma is an amalgamation of “slug” and “magma’?

the Final Verdict

The Shiny Slugma Evolution is one of the most talked about topics among Pokemon Go fans. Some people aren’t sure how to develop or take on Slugma So we have included all the relevant information in the above article. The evolution adds strength, size and weight as well as other combat statistics in the Pokemon and enhances its strength.